American Apparel returns to basics with global relaunch

After much of the turmoil that the American Apparel brand suffered in
the past few years, it seems the label has not given up yet.

The brand sent out an email from the company stating its relaunch in the
U.S. for Tuesday, April 24. The brand has staged its international comeback through its online
store and is now available in more than 200 countries internationally, including

The relaunch includes its past classic styles including themes of diversity and
body positivity. The new collections feature the same high-quality products
from before with the root of its minimalistic, contemporary style still in

Los Angeles label American Apparel returns with e-commerce site

In the new digital marketplace, American Apparel will have a more inclusive
range of size and fits to help emphasize body positivity. The brand’s
marketing will stay true to voice as well, continuing onward with untouched
photography and showcasing natural settings. “We have deep love for our
global customers, who really love and get the brand’s sense of humor and
irreverent nature,” Sabina Weber, director of marketing at American Apparel
said in a statement. “They also know the quality and the timeless,
effortless styles that we offer and they miss having those pieces in their

With the brand’s global return, American Apparel will retail some of its favorite styles from before including high-waisted jeans, bodysuits, metallic leggings, unisex hoodies, and more. These apparel pieces range in price from approximately 12 to 78 dollars according to the website. As a fashion basics brand, the new launch coincides with a “Back to Basics” launch campaign. The cookbook features both male and female models that will represent various ages, body types, and ethnicities. The campaign will launch along with the digital online store on April 24.

In 2017, American Apparel faced a rocky start. In January of that year, the
company reported laid off 2,400 employees. Following next, various stores
shut down internationally due to the brand’s financial turmoil. Towards the
end of the year, American Apparel was eventually acquired by Canadian brand
Gildan for 88 million dollars, as previously reported by FashionUnited. Now
over a year later, it seems the label is back in action. Only
time will tell whether or not this time American Apparel will be able to
survive in this economic climate.

Photo Source: American Apparel

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