Apple to launch ‘shopping’ category in app store

Apple is set to launch a new ‘shopping’ category in its app store ahead of
the upcoming holiday shopping season, in a not-so-subtle nod to the
consumer shift towards online shopping via smartphones.

The new category, which is set to be unveiled on November 5, will see all
the shopping apps removed from its existing ‘lifestyle’ section to help
users locate e-commerce apps more easily. Amazon, Walmart, eBay apps as
well as other omnichannel apps, auction apps, coupon apps, price
comparison apps and product review apps will all be listed under the
dedicated category, bringing Apple’s total number of app categories to 25.

The App Store’s new category will also feature a specific section for Apple
Pay-enabled apps to streamline the mobile checkout process. Jennifer
Bailey, vice president of Internet services for Apple Pay, told WWD that
mobile shopping has witnessed “great growth and innovation,” and is rapidly
becoming the fastest growing segment in e-commerce.

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