Awesome Kong Ailing, TNA Knockout Praises Chris Benoit, TNA Stars Seeing UFC

source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

— Not only does TNA Women’s Knockout Champion Awesome Kong have a bad back, but she also has a bad knee, which will likely need surgery soon. TNA officials are hoping she will be able to wrestle at next week’s set of Impact tapings. Kong was pulled from the European tour due to her injuries.

— A number of TNA employees plan on attending the 2/7 UFC show in Tampa, as it’s night before the Against All Odds pay-per-view in Orlando.

— Lifestyle website has an interview with TNA Knockout Taylor Wilde. When asked to name her favorite wrestler, she says she can’t pick just one. Wilde names Chris Jericho, Rey Mysterio, and Chris Benoit.

“Chris Jericho is one of my favorites because I figured if I could be put into a man’s body that he would be one of the people I could model myself after and the man is hilarious,” Wilde said. “Rey Mysterio. I’m a huge fan of Lucha Libre. He’s a small guy and he’s always been the underdog and that’s definitely been my style. Finally, the late, great Chris Benoit was an amazing person and an amazing wrestler. I was lucky enough to meet him and have him mentor me.”

Wilde also talks about what separates the TNA Knockouts from the girls in other major promotions.

“What the Knockouts bring is diversity,” Wilde told “Basically it’s a clash of personalities. We have different sizes, different shapes, different ethnic backgrounds and we have all different styles of wrestling. What you see is chaos in the ring and, no offense to any other shows, we’re not just another pretty face trying to prove that we can hold it and do a couple moves here and there. We’re very serious and here to get the same recognition as the men one day.”

You can read the interview in its entirety at the following link.

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