Behind The Scenes Details On How WWE Handled Sherri Martel's Death


There was very serious talk Friday evening about ending the Vince McMahon murder mystery angle once Sherri Martel died. In the end, it wasn’t done, but there were some people lobbying for the angle to come to a quick conclusion.

Over the weekend, the decision was made to go full-bore with Sherri death coverage and tributes on the company website, and keep the McMahon angle strong on television. Come Monday, WWE television producer Kevin Dunn made the decision to not have her passing mentioned on Raw. His reasoning behind this is because he thought the reality of Sherri’s death would disconnect fans from the storyline of Vince McMahon’s death. A lot of people were lobbying all day for him to change his decision. In a very last-minute decision, a compromise was made to put up a graphic an hour and 20 minutes into the show, just prior to the diva’s match. A number of road agents who were very close to her lobbied hard all afternoon and finally managed to get it done. Michael Hayes spearheaded the movement, and since he has the most power of any of the agents these days (and is also the head Smackdown writer), it got done.

Another person who didn’t want WWE to mention Martel’s death on Monday night was Head Raw writer Brian Gewirtz. He fought hard for it to not happen, but in the end he lost out.

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