Coming-of-age romantic film set for release

There are moments in adolescence when you instantly fall in love with someone.

That is what happens at the beginning of My Best Summer, a coming-of-age romance which will open across domestic theaters on June 6.

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At first glance, Yu Huai, a champion of a national physics competition, has a crush on Geng Geng, when they meet in a crowd to see if they are enrolled by Zhenhua High School, a school in Wuhan, in Hubei province.

The film’s story, adapted from a novel penned by writer Liu Wanhui, better known by her pseudonym Bayue Chang’an, is a bittersweet romance of the two young people, respectively played by Chen Feiyu and actress He Landou.

Recently, the cast and crew showed up in Beijing for a premiere, gathering a dozen of celebrities including Chen Feiyu’s mother, renowned actress-producer Chen Hong. Before the Beijing promotional event, the cast and crew toured to 18 cities to test screen the film to around 20,000 people.

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