Falls Count Anywhere Match Added To Impact Wrestling "Homecoming" PPV

This week, a new featured match scheduled for Impact Wrestling’s first pay-per-view of 2019 was announced.

Officially added to the Impact Wrestling “Homecoming” PPV on January 6, 2019 at The Asylum at the Nashville Fairgrounds in Tennessee is a Falls Count Anywhere match pitting Eddie Edwards vs. Moose.

Check out the announcement from ImpactWrestling.com below:

Falls Count Anywhere in Nashville at Homecoming

For rivals Moose and Eddie Edwards the ring isn’t big enough to settle their score. The city of Nashville isn’t big enough and Officials have already decided that this battle will be Falls Count Anywhere at Homecoming. Which means they can fight all over the Asylum, they can fight all over Nashville and they can battle as far as Nissan Stadium where the local Tennessee Titans play! Basically, anything goes.

Eddie has escaped Shady Acres and now the battle is on and heading straight to Music City. How will this rivalry end? Who will emerge victories? It seems that Moose and Eddie have been battling for months! Once they were best friends, inseparable on the road and at home and now they can’t stand the site of each other.

Raven gave Eddie some words of wisdom, Tommy Dreamer has spoken to both men and this hatred has a very familiar feeling to that of Raven and Dreamer years ago in ECW. Eddie is fueled by hatred and a desire to be the best and Moose wants everyone to know he can beat Eddie at any time.

So what will happen in Nashville? We continue to ask how this rivalry will end? Will each man go their separate ways leaving the other to pursue their goals in IMPACT Wrestling? Only time will tell, but Eddie is not normal and Moose loves to play mind games and jokes on his foes. We have a feeling that Moose and Eddie Edwards will be looking to rip each other apart for years and years to come. Homecoming will be one chapter in this rivalry that we can’t wait to see how it is written.

Homecoming goes down LIVE on Pay Per View, Sunday, January 6th from the Asylum in Nashville, TN.

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