Jack & Jones to launch most sustainable jeans to date

London – Jack & Jones, the menswear retailer owned by Bestseller, is set to
launch its most sustainable jeans to date. The brand’s ongoing commitment
to protect the environment has led to the creation of the new Low Impact
Denim collection, which sees Jack & Jones take a new holistic approach to
its production processes.

The new approach covers three pillars in denim production: fibre, fabric
and finishing and sees the brand implementing new production methods,
technologies as well as a transparent supply chain. “We have taken a deep
dive into every process of denim production, with one focus in mind: to
make the most sustainable jeans collection to date,” said Mikkel
Albrektsen, Product Responsible at Jack & Jones Jeans Intelligence in a

Jack & Jones reveal the new Low Impact Denim collection – their most
sustainable jeans to date

“This aim demands a transparent supply chain from the very beginning;
sourcing the fibre, dyeing the fabric and using finishing treatments that
secure the desired look. And most importantly, we haven’t compromised on
our core values – quality, design and fitting.” The fibre composition of
the Low Impact Denim collection consists of organic cotton mixed with
recycled cotton or recycled polyester or lyocell.

Then, Jack & Jones use an organic fixing agent made from shrimp shells to
dye its fabric, a new process which uses 55 percent less water compared to
conventional denim dying. During the finishing process of its Low Impact
Denim collection, Jack & Jones used a range of methods such as Ozone,
e-flow and laser treatments which minimize its use of water, energy, and
chemicals. One method uses an organic bleaching agent instead of
conventional chemical treatments, for example.

Jack & Jones also teamed up with Orta, one of its long-time partners and a
leading denim manufacturer to create an innovative process for dyeing the
fabric used in its Low Impact Denim collection, called Indigo Flow.
“Embedding Indigo Flow into Low Impact Denim manufacturing standards is a
first step towards disrupting the denim industry and transforming it with
the most advanced technologies,” said Gulfem Santo, Marketing Manager at

“With Low Impact Denim, Jack & Jones are trailblazers in the denim
industry. They carefully reduce the environmental impact of jeans
production, in all stages of the supply chain.” In addition, to ensure the
lowest impact wash possible in the finishing process, Jack & Jones uses
Jeanologia’s Environmental Impact Measuring software. “We have come a long
way the past seven years, and we are constantly raising the bar for our
processes,” added Albrektsen.

Jack & Jones is set to launch its Low Impact Denim Collection in stores and
online at jackjones.com this August. The debut collection includes four
different styles of jeans in different washes.

Photos: Courtesy of Jack & Jones

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