Jim Ross Offers His Comments In Regards To The Benoit Tragedy

– Jim Ross has posted his comments regarding the Benoit family tragedy on his official website. Rather than highlight the article like we normally do, I thought that it would be more appropriate to post the article in its entirety.

The following is from jrsbarbq.com:

The senseless and tragic death of the 3 people in the double murder-suicide that occurred over the weekend in the Benoit’s home in an Atlanta suburb is a nightmare that one still wants to awake from. For those of us that knew Chris, Nancy, and Daniel on a personal level it is still hard to believe that this horrific event could even occur much less why.

The last time I saw the three of them together was at Wrestlemania 23 and my wife and I had a long visit with the Benoits and at no time could one detect that there were any issues whatsoever. I even had the occasion to speak at length privately to Nancy and she said things were fine at home. As well as Nancy and I knew each other, if that had not been the case, she would have inferred otherwise I assure you. Like so many others who attended the event on that night, the Benoit family was happy and enjoying the moment.

So what happened? I do not know. No one knows. We will hopefully know more when the toxicology reports are completed. Until then all anyone has, including the media, is supposition based on speculation. To garner ratings, the media will continue to make this as huge a story as possible, even without all the facts. That’s the business in which they are involved. Remember when the media, without all the facts, essentially convicted the Duke Lacrosse team several months ago only to find out that there was no case but in the spirit of ratings and to scoop the competition, the three young men from the Duke Lacrosse team were in essence ruled guilty by the media?

I know this damn sure isn’t a Duke Lacrosse matter or even remotely close, because two innocent people are dead. But again we hear the media rush to judgment about why and how this horrific chain of events came to pass, but still without the evidence or a valid motive. So then why are three people dead? What caused this irrational and totally uncharacteristic behavior from an individual who hereto for had never demonstrated such tendencies in his workplace, not even once? I don’t know and neither does anyone else until the medical examiner can provide more information and then there will be most likely questions in this matter than may never be answered. I know this, God knows and he will deal with this matter accordingly.

Plus, some of those who have or are loosely associated with wrestling and who are making statements with little or no background of the facts of this matter or who simply want another 15 minutes are in a large sense pathetic.

The bottom line is that a woman and a small child are dead of murder and that is an utter shame. That act is inexcusable. The victim’s families need to be held close to our hearts and in our prayers. Let’s consider putting forth as much passion and effort in prayer and reflection as some are in playing amateur detective and wannabe investigative reporters. Let’s spend a little more time with our own families while we are at it, because there are no guarantees about tomorrow and we should covet every day we are blessed to have with our loved ones. I know this, I am going to do all I can to spend more time with family and friends than ever before as this sad situation has slapped me in the face in more ways than one.

I have had friends who questioned the Benoit-themed Monday Night Raw, especially in light of the events that occurred in the Benoit home. For all those who seem to know all the answers and seemingly like to give the appearance of having 20/20 vision after the fact let me add this; when we went on the air at 7 p.m. central time, all we knew was that the police, at the WWE’s urging, had gone to the home and had found three dead bodies in the Benoit home Monday afternoon. This information was confirmed to us late in the day Monday in Corpus Christi and that was all we knew. There was no talk from the authorities themselves of a double murder suicide that was relayed to us in Texas. The facts came out as the night progressed and more facts are still being released several days after this unspeakable nightmare.

Obviously, and in my opinion, if the WWE had known the information of what had actually happened in suburban Atlanta over the weekend, a different decision regarding Monday’s three hour retrospective to Benoit’s career would have obviously been different.

I know that Benoit’s behavior was totally uncharacteristic of him, as I knew him over so many years as he was one of the most professional and polite men with which I have ever been associated. I don’t know why this sickening chain of events happened, but murder, especially taking one’s own child’s life, is unpardonable. I am anxious to read the results of the toxicology reports as the next curious individual but the bottom line is that 3 people are dead including a mother and her son.

It is not too late for all of us to change how we deal with our own families and our friends and to honor every day we have the privilege of being on this earth. Remember, we are all only passing through, so take every day as a gift and continue to count all one’s blessings.

Today can truly be the first day in the rest of our lives. God Bless all of you that are suffering. Lean on God…He can handle it.

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