Larry King Recap Part 2: Union For Wrestlers Debated

We have another recap here coming from last night’s Larry King show that featured many of the biggest names in wrestling as well as the lawyers and district attorney involved in the Benoit case.

Guests included John Cena, Chris Jericho, Bret Hart, Ted Dibiase, Steve Blackman, WWE lawyer Jerry McDevitt, District Attorney Scott Ballard and Dr. Phil Astin’s lawyer. Video footage of Hulk Hogan from a previous Larry King appearance was shown as well.

The most controverial topic disucssed during the show was a wrestlers union. Larry King asked why the wrestlers have not yet formed a union to ensure them more rights and protection. Bret Hart said it definitely needs to happen. “The janitor sweeping up at WWE’s offices probably has more benefits than most of the wrestlers.”

Bret said a lot of wrestlers are finishing up the career broke and depressed. The music stops and the fame and the money are gone. Many of them have broken marriages and families and their lives are in shambles. “There are far too many wrestlers killing themselves” and they are “just like a circus animals” without proper benefits.

WWE lawyer Jerry McDevitt was asked by Larry King if Vince McMahon would be upset with a union forming, and he said he couldn’t speak for Vince. He did say that sports unions haven’t helped in dealing with performance enhancement drugs, but Larry King shot back and said baseball players have a great deal of protection with their union.

Chris Jericho said WWE will do what it has to to ensure this does not happen again – whether it be mental evaluations or unions. Jericho did not put much weight behind endorsing the union idea, a major hot button within WWE management for decades.

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