McMahon Explosion On Newspaper Cover, Former WWE Diva On ABC's GMA

The Citizens’ Voice, which is a community newspaper based out of Wilkes-Barre, PA, has a picture of the McMahon limosuine explosion on the cover of their newspaper. You can see a photo of the cover here. This story is also on the front page of the website. The newspaper notes that McMahon is alive and well and that it was simply a stunt, but they also say that his supposed death caused quite a stir in the town of Wilkes-Barre. The newspaper notes that concerned fans and curious media members across the country called the Wilkes-Barre Township police and Wilkes-Barre City police to inquire about the explosion. You can also read the newspaper’s article online at this link.

Former WWE Diva Lauren Jones is getting a lot of press these days. There was a segment on Good Morning America this morning on the controversy surrounding the former WWE Diva and her new reality show Anchorwoman, which will debut on FOX Tuesday nights at primetime this August. Jones is getting all this attention because some people are outraged that a bikini model and former woman from pro wrestling is reporting news. You can read an article on the controversy (and see a picture of Jones doing the news) on at this link, which was basically the same report as the newspiece, just in text form. On a personal note, an ABC executive asked me for pictures of Lauren Jones for the piece last night. I obliged and a few photos from her WWE tenure in 2005 were shown in the segment this morning. Furthermore, an Associated Press article on Lauren Jones and the show hit the news this past week. It was briefly on the front page of yesterday afternoon. You can read the article here. As if that wasn’t enough, the controversy was mentioned on some FOX News Channel broadcasts yesterday.

On the Yahoo! Buzz Index, perhaps due to the article being posted on the front page, Lauren Jones was the third-ranked 1-Day mover for TV-related searches yesterday as searches for her jumped 360%. However, she just missed the cut for top 20 overall movers. But it was not without a wrestling personality on the list. Due to his apparent “death,” Vince McMahon was the biggest 1-Day mover on yesterday. Searches for him jumped an amazing 2977%.

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