New Details On John Cena's In-Ring Return & How WWE Fooled Everyone


When John Cena had surgery four months ago to repair his torn pectoral muscle, WWE reported that the recovery time would be 6-9 months. Recent interviews by Cena confirmed that he was still on that same recovery schedule, which made last night’s return at the Royal Rumble a huge surprise.

When John Cena and WWE received word that he was physically cleared to wrestle, they immediately decided to keep it a secret to mislead people as to his true health status.

News about Cena starring in the new WWE Films project “12 Rounds” is true. What wasn’t true is the time it will take to film the movie. Cena told the UK Sun newspaper last week that it would take 5 months to film. In reality, this was greatly exaggerated. WWE has applied for permits to film in New Orleans, which will take 4-6 weeks.

Because Cena will be filming in the United States, he’ll be able to make appearances on WWE television leading up to WrestleMania.

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