Nitro’s Future In ECW, Sandman To Be Buried On RAW, HHH’s Backstage Influence

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

– Johnny Nitro has the potential to be a top heel on ECW. However, it is not really certain if it’s possible to get a superstar over on the brand. With how ECW is taped it is clearly seen as the “C” brand of the company. Take Bob Holly for example. He never received a big push on SmackDown, but was sent to ECW to work with the top guys. Instead of fans seeing Holly as a top superstar, they saw him as one of the guys that was not good enough for RAW or SmackDown. Nitro will have to overcome that same problem.

– Many have wondered why WWE decided to send ECW Original Sandman to RAW. The reason is because he will become more of a Jim Duggan or Eugene character where he puts people over and will thrive off of the nostalgic feel about him because of his entrance. More than likely he will end up on Heat always losing to the up and coming superstars of the company.

– As we have been reporting for months, William Regal requested his move from SmackDown to RAW to receive a singles push. While it is not for sure, Triple H probably had something to do with the request being granted seeing as Regal and Triple H are friends (they tagged together in Triple H’s early days in WCW). Regal’s partner David Taylor may end up as a casualty of this deal because there’s really no place for him on the SmackDown roster as a singles superstar.

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