Off-Air Notes: What You Didn't See Last Night On WWE RAW

Thanks to Rob D’Armi & for the following:

I was at last night’s Raw show in Tampa. The crowd was loud all night. If it wasn’t a sellout, it was very, very close. Here’s a report on what went on.


Val Venis beat Daniel Rodimer with the Money Shot. Rodimer looked OK.

Chuck Palumbo is doing a biker gimmick now. I wonder what Billy thinks? I guess we won’t see him on Smackdown since they already have their own guy there. Anyway, he pinned Steve Madison.

Mickie James, who got a huge pop, beat Victoria in a good match.

Eugene beat Lex Lovett. Eugene came out in a superhero costume.

Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin beat The Highlanders. What a come down from being on the PPV the day before. The crowd was into the winners and not into the losers.

Other Thoughts:

There was no dark match main event. After the John Cena FU of Khali, the fans were sent home happy anyway. Cena got a great reaction here, unlike last week in Canada.

The Hardys were over big time too, especially Jeff.

The crowd really picked up the Woos after Vince did the segment with Ric Flair.

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