RAW Report 10/8/07 Grand Rapids, Mich.

RAW this week starts with Vince coming out to huge heat. He struts out and gets in the ring. He says he’s a man of his word. His word is his bond and he proved it last night at NM. He guaranteed a new WWE Champ and there is. He guaranteed a WWE Championship match and there were three of them. “You suck!” chants. He says he guaranteed history would be made and was it ever.
Video of Vince handing Orton the title belt. HHH then comes down and challenges him. HHH wins the match. He then has to defend against Umaga and he retained. Out back Vince tells HHH that Orton requested his return match that night and it would be a Last Man Standing Match. HHH gets to his feet during the match and crotch chops to Orton. Orton sends HHH through a table. Umaga comes out and attacks HHH. Orton tosses HHH into the stairs and Orton is able to win the title back. (They showed a lot of last night’s PPV, much more than they usually do the next day.)
Vince says again that history was made at NM. But he guarantees history will be made tonight. He demands everyone on the roster comes out. He wants them to shake the hand of and show respect to Randy Orton.
The next time the title will be defended at Cyber Sunday. It’s the night he gives up control and gives it to us. He goes through the premise of CS.
HHH’s music and out he comes to huge pop. Vince doesn’t look impressed as HHH enters the ring. He tells HHH to calm down – not into the mic, then into the mic. “HHH” chants. Vince says he knows he’s all beat up.
HHH tells him to shut up! He says that Vince stands out here and talks about who has the power at CS. These people only care about tonight. With that in mind, just like Orton did last night, he invoking his re-match clause. He wants Orton and he wants him tonight.
Vince says to be careful what he wishes for. He was in three matches and had the hell beaten out of him last night. Be careful what he wishes for. He doesn’t think it’s the right thing to do. But, tonight HHH will face off against Orton. Vince leaves the ring but then says it will be Orton and his partner – Umaga in a handicap match. Vince then walks up the ramp. On the stage he turns and grins at HHH before leaving.
HHH, his head bandaged, glares up at Vince.

King says Cena will be there via satellite.

– Commercial

JR and King rave about NM.

Beth comes out holding her title belt high. She’s in a black jump suit with rhinestones on the front. Video of Beth beating Candy at NM. Melina comes out with Jillian. Melina is in a blue leopard version of her outfit. Jillian is in black pants and a blue halter. Candy, Mickie and Maria all come out together to face the hells. All the faces are in pink and black – pants and tiny tops.
Melina whips Maria who goes for head scissors and does it badly. Mickie tags in and hits a baseball slide dropkick to Melina’s face. Melina gets stuck sitting up top but Mickie somehow gets hung up by one leg up-side-down. Beth tags in and goes after that knee of Mickie’s. Jillian tags in and kicks Mickie’s knee while Beth holds it. Melina tags in and they double team her, slamming her back. Melina covers for two. A leg hold on Mickie who kicks out. Mickie goes for a kick but Melina ducks. Jillian tags in as does Candy. A suplex and Candy covers for two until Beth breaks the count. Most of the Divas rush in and gets tossed out. They fight outside while Jillian goes after Candy. Candy hits a hard (on herself) victory roll and covers for three. (Candy impressed me with that – throwing her body into things more and more.)

– Winners: Candy, Mickie & Maria

The three girls in pink celebrate outside the ring and up the ramp.

– Commercial

Coach is out back talking to Regal. Coach says Regal seems to be re-decorating his old office. Coach says a lesser man wouldn’t be there, but he’s not a lesser man. He doesn’t at all feel bad what happened to Cena. He’s not happy about walking with a cane now. Regal says it looks manly. Coach asks about Regal’s photos. Regal says that one is the Queen, the other are his friends – George Michael and Elton John. Coach comments on the three of them being queens.
Vince enters and talks about his son Hornswoggle. Regal says he’s taking a nap and he’s been behaving himself. Vince leaves. Regal tells Coach that it’s his job to watch of Hornswoggle as he’s the assistant. He says Hornswoggle is in the closet. Coach checks and says no one’s in there. Regal gives him heck for losing him already. He send Coach looking for him.

JR and King talk about CS. They show videos from past Cyber Sunday PPVs.

– Commercial

Santino comes down to the ring. He’s by himself right now. Video of Val coming out last week and getting into it with Santino. Val comes out to face Santino. Val is limping after what Santino did last week.
Val enters the ring and Santino ducks out. He goes to Lillian and takes her mic. He introduces Lillian. He talks about her band performing in Spanish tonight and how sexy that is. He says he can’t fight Val tonight as he has a previous engagement. But Regal has found a formidable opponent for him. Snitsky comes out looking creepy as ever.
They lock up and Val gets knocked down after getting nailed in the left knee. Snitsky removes Val’s knee pad. Val gets his knee kicked in a corner. A scoop slam to Val. Snitsky drops an elbow on Val’s knee. Val comes back with punches but gets hit in the face and is down. Snitsky gets a double under-hook on Val and rag dolls him. A cup handle slam to Val and Snitsky covers for three.

– Winner: Snitsky

Video replay of the squash. Snitsky glares at the fans as he walks up the ramp.

Video of Hardy facing Holyfield in a boxing match a while ago at the SNME. Holyfield knocks out MVP. Holyfield talks about his next fight, this weekend, in Russia.

Video of Orton attack Cena last week, after Cena had been injured in his match with Kennedy.

– Commercial

Another cryptic video “save_us_22″ and “2nd _ coming” were the main focus of this one.

JR asks Cena when he’s expecting to come back. Cena says he’s only a couple days off the operating table, but they say seven to ten months. JR asks about pain. Cena says it’s a painful thing. Heck, HHH went through lots of pain last night. He has to focus on going forward. King talks about Orton saying that it was a good thing Cena got injured as he should have just given up. King says it’s like King saying the Indians should just give up. Orton should not be worrying about Cena or just HHH. He should be worried about every one of those superstars he will be shaking hands with tonight. Cena says he’ll keep kicking ass and will be back soon. (He had a smile on his face and looked amazingly well considering how recently he was under the knife – I’ve been there enough to know – but he’s also fairly well medicated {I’m not saying that like it’s a bad thing.})

Orton comes down to the ring.

– Commercial

Umaga comes out to join Orton in the ring. HHH comes out to face them. The heels are staring up the ramp, almost salivating, watching HHH come out and down. All three will be in the match at the same time.
HHH beats on Orton but Umaga attacks from behind. A face buster to Umaga. HHH ducks Orton who clotheslines Umaga from the ring. A DDT to Orton for two – Umaga pulls HHH from the ring and attacks. He beats HHH down with head shots. “HHH” chants. Umaga tosses HHH back in. Orton mounts HHH and throws punches. They both stomp HHH’s gut in turn.
HHH is busted open. Orton hold HHH down while Umaga drops his head into HHH’s gut. They punch him down in a corner. Umaga pushes HHH into a dropkick. An arm lock on HHH while Umaga throws punches. Umaga gets HHH up and hits a Samoan drop. Orton holds HHH’s legs while Umaga climbs. HHH kicks Orton into the corner and Umaga falls. HHH hits a face buster on Orton. He goes for a pedigree but Umaga attacks from behind. Umaga charges and HHH moves so Orton gets hit. Umaga rolls form the ring. HHH is about to pedigree Orton when Umaga returns with a chair. Umaga hits HHH in the back with a chair. The ref calls for the bell.

– Winner: HHH via DQ

They keep beating on HHH. “HHH” chants. Umaga pushes HHH into Orton who hits the RKO. Umaga grabs HHH’s hand while the ref leaves the ring to make Orton leave. HHH is sitting up in the corner. Umaga hits his bum slam on HHH. Then he hits it a second time. He pulls HHH from the corner as JR calls for help and the fans give some heavy heat to Umaga. Umaga climbs and splashes HHH. King is now calling for help too. Huge “You suck!” chants. Umaga gets HHH to his feet and he crumbles. He pulls him back up and Umaga hits the Samoan spike. There are refs all around the ring, but none will enter. Umaga finally leaves the ring and backs up the ramp yelling at HHH the whole time.
Refs are finally in the ring talking to HHH who’s bleeding and drooling. More “HHH” chants. They slowly help him to the side of the ring and out. He’s holding his arms close to his body. Refs try to help him walk by putting his arms around their shoulders but he pushes them away in anger. He takes two steps and falls flat on his face on the bottom of the ramp.

– Commercial

HHH is finally letting the refs help him up the ramp. The doctor and trainers are there too. Video of the attack on HHH. The RKO followed up by Umaga’s attack.

They are helping HHH through the back. Vince comes up and says he didn’t see what happened. He asks if HHH is hurt. He then says it’s not going to be an excuse to not shake Orton’s hand. In fact, he’s going to be the first to shake Orton’s hand. He doesn’t care if he has to come out on a stretcher.

London and Kendrick come down to the ring. Video of London and Kendrick facing Cade and Murdoch a few weeks ago. The Highlanders attack before the match ends. The Highlanders come out to face them. They’re now in black kilts with plaid sashes.
Rory and London start off. Rory gains the upper hand. Rory gets a kick to the back of the head. Robbie rushes in and helps. Highlanders leave the ring. London and Kendrick fly out onto them.
Robbie tags in and gains control. Rory tags in and gets a chinlock on London. London fights to his feet and out. An arm drag and Robbie tags in. Kendrick is able to tag in. A kick to Robbie’s face after some dropkicks. Kendrick covers for two. London ends up flying outside onto Rory. Robbie covers Kendrick and uses the ropes in the corner to gain the three.

– Winners: Highlanders

JR and King talk about the Diva Search. Video of them asking questions. Starting tomorrow is the surf and rescue mission for the girls. Time for voting and one will be eliminated tonight.

Coach asks a random guy out back if he’s seen a leprechaun. The guys asks what he’s been smoking. Coach then asks Cody. He hasn’t. Regal comes up and asks if Coach has found him. Regal berates him and tells him to try harder to find him.

– Commercial

Lillian Garcia sings. I may be biased as I’ve always loved her singing, but I thought she looked beautiful and sounded amazing. The fans seemed to be pretty into it too.
She was still basking in the glory when Santino’s music hits and he comes out. He tells her it was great but to scram as he has a song of his own. His singing is subtitled even though he’s singing in English. The whole song is destroying Stone Cold and his movie.

Out back, split screen, Jeff Hardy and Kennedy are heading for the ring.

– Commercial

Kennedy comes down to the ring. His mic comes down. He says he’s not going to give us lip service as actions speak louder than words. He’s the future of sports entertainment. Jeff Hardy comes out to face him.
“Hardy” chants. They lock up and Kennedy tries for a side headlock. Jeff gets out and gets a shoulder block to the mat. Jeff hits a shoulder block of his own. He tries to flip onto Kennedy who moves. An inverted atomic drop to Kennedy and Jeff covers for two. Kennedy suplexes and bridges a cover for two. Jeff tackles Kennedy through the ropes to the floor. Kennedy hits Jeff and tosses him back in but Jeff hits a kick through the ropes onto Kennedy keeping him form entering. Jeff climbs and flies but hits the barrier

– Commercial

Kennedy covers for two. Jeff gets tossed into a corner but comes out with a hard clothesline. Jeff climbs but Kennedy dropkicks one of Jeff’s feet out from under him. Jeff lands on the top rope painfully and holds on to fall slowly. Kennedy gets a ½ Boston crab on Jeff in the center of the ring. Jeff manages to get the ropes. Competing “Let’s go Hardy” & “Let’s go Kennedy” chants. Kennedy gets kicked to the outside. Kennedy pulls Jeff out by one leg. Jeff gets back in. Jeff’s limping. Kennedy hits a chop block that’s so hard Jeff flips in the air. Kennedy covers for two.
Jeff hits a jaw jacker followed by a wrap around clothesline. Kennedy back slides Jeff and tries to use the ropes but only gets a two count. A Russian leg sweep from Kennedy. Jeff covers for two. Jeff goes for the twist of fate, Kennedy counters, then Jeff counters. Jeff hits a modified brain buster. Jeff climbs and flies but Kennedy moves out of the way of the swanton. Kennedy covers for two but Jeff counters and covers for three.

– Winner: Jeff Hardy

Jeff quickly leaves the ring and falls to the ramp before getting to his feet and limping up. He waves to the fans while on the stage.

Vince says to Regal he wants everyone out to shake Orton’s hand, including Hornswoggle. He asks where Hornswoggle is. Regal says he’s still napping, and extended nap. Coach rushes in and says he couldn’t find him. Vince wants to know who him is. They tap dance around a bit and then a trunk opens and Hornswoggle wakes up from his nap. Regal and Vince leave. Coach tries to shut Hornswoggle back in but Horney slams the top of the trunk up into Coach’s face. Horney comes out, takes Coach’s cane and beats him about the legs with it. Coach runs off and Horney laughs.

– Commercial

Vince is in the ring and says we will be watching history in the making. Every superstar will walk down the ramp, get in the ring and shake Orton’s hand. They will show their respect the way all the fans in the arena will show their respect to the new WWE Champion – Randy Orton.
Orton comes down to the ring in dress pants, a suit jacket and one fo his t-shirts. There’s a bunch of superstars on the stage already. He gets up on a raised platform in the ring. Vince says his name and he gets huge heat from the fans. Vince gets the honor of being the first to shake his hand. “You suck” chants.
Orton says their’s one absolute truth. No one deserves to be the champion as much as him. He has the perfect combination of size, speed, strength and skill. As he looks up on stage he sees a lot of jealous faces, a lot fo despair as they realize that this one man dynasty has just begun and he will be Champion for a long, long time. He wants them to put their feelings aside, put a smile on their faces, shake his hand and say ‘Good luck Randy’ no, ‘good luck champ’.
Vince wants to get the show on the road but he doesn’t see HHH. He doesn’t care if he has to come out on a gurney, get him out there. Get him out there, or he’ll go back there himself. Actually, if he doesn’t come out Orton will go out back and drag him out. Orton takes of his jacket, puts down his belt and heads up the ramp.
Different music hits, music we haven’t heard in a while, and out comes HBK. He’s in a shirt with the sleeves removed and a cowboy hat. He looks pissed! Orton goes back to the ring. HBK goes down to the ring slowly. In the ring HBK tackles Orton and then hits sweet chin music. Orton is face down and the fans are going bloody wild! Vince is kneeling down beside JR, kind of hiding.
HBK stands celebrates in the corners then stands over Orton and looks down at him as the show goes off the air.

Biggest pop
Jeff Hardy

Biggest heat

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