RAW Report 9/28/09 Albany, New York

RAW this week starts with music and pyro.

The Cool Aid Brigade in the ring for MVP’s VIP Lounge. MVP announces Henry as his partner. They welcome the Guest Host of RAW – to heat – but then Jeri-Show’s music starts. They come down to the ring draped in belts and in wrestling gear. Big Show taunts Henry with a belt and Jericho grabs a mic. Jericho rips on MVP for such a crappy announcement for Reverend Al Sharpton. They go back and forth about Reverend Al Sharpton running for president, being an advocate, being on SNL, and then MVP really great intro. But as MVP says Reverend Al Sharpton, Jericho jumps in and says his name too. Reverend Al Sharpton out to the ring to ‘Living In America’. Reverend Al Sharpton shakes hands all around. He says it’s the most elaborate introduction he’s had in his life. The fans boo him. He says starting tomorrow in Philadelphia, he and Newt Gingrich are starting an education tour. Everyone needs to work together to close the gap. MVP says it’s all about reform. Sharpton agrees. Sharpton asks MVP what he has in mind. MVP wants a Tag Title shot tonight. Sharpton asks Jericho what he thinks. Jericho goes off on being surrounded by people without morals. Besides, they’re already wrestling Cena and these two have already had their chance. They deserve it as much as these gelatinous tapeworms deserve to have a man of Sharpton’s stature as a guest host. They don’t deserve education. From birth to death. They don’t deserve a vote. Jericho knows what’s best for them. And they don’t deserve to be in the presence of greatness of Jericho and Big Show. Sharpton says they don’t have to get into it abotu politics, but everyone deserves an opportunity. He’s there to empower people. He asks the fans if they want to see a Championship Match. They did and Sharpton said there will be a Championship Match, next. Jericho lost his composure and laughed through part of that. Sharpton left the ring as MVP taunted Jericho and Big Show.

– Commercial

MVP and Jericho in the ring. Side headlock on MVP but he pushes out. Shoulder block to MVP. Jericho runs the ropes over and then under (barely) MVP. I think MVP was supposed to throw a punch, but something was off and MVP was throwing the punch after Jericho bounced off him and had hit the mat. Looked excruciatingly bad. Jericho ducked a punch and suplexed MVP and hits a bridge cover that Cole calls a jackknife cover! They back bend out of the hold. Backslide by MVP for two. Front facelock on Jericho and MVP backs into his corner. Henry tags in and works over Jericho with strength. Henry stands on Jericho while holding the ropes, then sends Jericho flying across the ring. Jericho rolls through away from Henry and crawls to Big Show. Big Show tags in and they slowly approach. Henry pushes Big Show into a corner. Kick to Henry’s gut and worked him over in punches. Big Show tried to splash Henry in a corner, but Henry caught him and clotheslined Big Show to the mat. MVP tags in and throws punches. A clothesline does nothing, then another does nothing. Face buster to Big Show but Big Show comes out of a corner with a huge clothesline. Jericho tags in and locks a snapping headlock on MVP. “MVP” chants. MVP out and fights back but his shoulder block doesn’t work, but Jericho’s seems to. MVP hits a clothesline and both are down. Jericho up first and kicks MVP in the side. Jericho chokes MVP in the ropes. Big Show tags in. Side headlock on MVP. Side headlock takeover and he keeps the hold on MVP. “MVP” chants. Big Show up and hits a scoop slam on MVP. Big Show walks across MVP’s gut and tags Jericho in. Jericho taunts MVP, but MVP fights back – briefly. Back elbow from Jericho. Jericho misses a lionsault as MVP rolls out of the way. Both are down for three. Henry’s able to tag in. Henry works Jericho and a cheap shot on Big Show. Head butt to Jericho and then Henry gets Jericho high in the air. Henry sends Jericho flying out onto Big Show.

– Commercial

Jericho falls to the mat face first from a corner. Henry pins for two until Jericho gets a foot on the ropes. Splash from Henry during the break is what did it. Henry hit a standing splash on Jericho in the middle of the ring and he hit the mat again. Big Show rushed in and speared Henry after getting a blind tag. Leg drop on Henry. Elbow drop on Henry. Knee to Henry’s face and then a splash on the mat and Big Show pinned for two. Jericho hits some cheap shots on Henry and then Big Show back to work on him. Punches to Henry and then a slam to Henry’s arm. Big Show gets Henry down on his knees and works his left shoulder and elbow. Henry out and up. Head butt from Big Show. DDT on Henry for two. Jericho tags in with a smirk. Kick to Henry while he’s down and a cheap shot on MVP. Jericho tries to apply a sleeper on Henry, but it’s not easy. Henry finally down on one knee and it’s sort of locked on. Henry up and Jericho off Henry. Henry backs Jericho into a corner but then Jericho trips Henry into falling face first on the second turnbuckle pad. Jericho tags out while holding Henry tight. Double clothesline from the two big men and it seem to be slow motion, even though it’s not. They’re just so big. Cole talks about it being ½ ton of humanity colliding. Both slowly climb to their feet and tag out. Belly to belly on Jericho and then a clothesline and a block. Jericho holds the ropes to avoid the boot but then eats it moments later for a two. Huge clothesline by MVP on Jericho and then MVP goes ballin’ for two. Big Show breaks up the playmaker and then Henry in removes Big Show. Jericho dropkicks Henry from the ring. MVP rolls Jericho up for a very long two. Big Show, from outside tries to grab MVP as he runs the ropes but is too late. MVP lands on his feet from a hip toss then hits a DDT for two. It was interesting to watch Jericho’s eyes as he watched the ref count, planning on exactly when to kick out of this pin. It was very obvious and calculated looking – more than I’ve ever seen. MVP’s in shock. Big Show clubs MVP from outside and then Jericho hits the code breaker for three.

– Winners: Jeri-Show

Video of all the interference and cheap shots from the heels. Jeri-Show pose on stage and then leave.

– Commercial

WWE claims that “Visitors spend more time per visit on WWEUniverse.com than Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter.” (I don’t know who’s feeding them this info, but I highly doubt it! Perhaps the girls in the WWE main office are lying to them about where they spend their time!)

Primo talking to Sharpton about being an inspiration to minorities. Then Hornswoggle runs in screaming and Chavo is chasing. Sharpton stops them and Chavo introduces himself and his partner for the night, Masters. Santino comes in and says “it’s the two cave guys from the Geico commercial.” Chavo is mad. Hornswoggle gets lifted onto the desk. Santino says he saved lots of money switching to Geico. Santino asks where the lizard is. Santino says Sharpton is a great actor and he loved him in the original ‘Shaft’. Sharpton tells him to shut his mouth and throws everyone out because he’s educating. They all leave and Primo is back. He welcomes Sharpton to RAW and Sharpton says he doesn’t know what he’s gotten himself into.

King and Cole talk about the Gauntlet Match for tonight. They show video form last week.

Josh out back with Orton. They’ll face in HIAC next Sunday but tonight Cena will be competing… Orton says Cena might survive tonight, but then at HIAC only the strong survive. Orton knows what’s needed and Cena’s struggle to compete and survive will end when Orton wins HIAC.

Fox and Rosa heading for the ring.

– Commercial

Mickie in the ring in gun metal gray. Video of Fox hitting that sick scissor kick on Mickie last week. Fox, all in black comes out with Rosa in black pleather pants and a tiny fuschia top.

They lock up, side headlock takeover on Rosa. Head scissors on the mat. Mickie out and puts an arm bar on Rosa. Rosa out and sends Mickie into a the corner. Mickie jumps up to go over Rosa, but Rosa is off her mark and doesn’t get there in time. Mickie, who was high enough and can’t see Rosa, came down on Rosa’s head. Rosa got a foot to the face but squirped through. Dropkick to Rosa. Mickie’s face lost it briefly, but she also composed quickly. Mickie about to take Rosa up but Fox distracts. Neck breaker to Rosa for two and Rosa fought back. Rosa pinned for two. Arms pulled back with a knee in Mickie’s back, but Mickie works her way to her feet and takes Rosa down. Mickie face first into a corner and shoulder blocks to Mickie’s back. Back kick to Rosa and then an upper cut. Head scissors to Rosa. Then a clothesline to Rosa. The second clothesline was more of a chest butt as one of them was way off the mark and a mess. Mickie tries to take Rosa down, but Rosa didn’t go and another bad move for Rosa. Mickie grabbed Fox in the ropes but Mickie got away. Rosa tried to kick Mickie in the ropes, but got hung up in the ropes – looked wrong and painful. Kick to the side of Rosa’s head and Mickie pinned. Mickie counted with her fingers while the ref counted.

– Commercial

Mickie celebrated and taunted Fox.

Backstage Legacy is headed for the ring.

– Commercial

King and Cole talk about the HIAC above the ring. They talk about how big the HIAC is and how harsh the match is.

Legacy out to the ring. On their way to the ring they both look up at the Cell hanging above the ring. They pose in the ring and then call for mics. Cole keeps talking on and on until Ted starts. He says they get it. No one expects them to win, to beat DX in the HIAC. But they should. Look at what they’ve done to DX over the past couple weeks. They’re primed for the biggest victories in their careers. The biggest loss in DX’s careers. For those with short attention spans or for those who forget, look at this… Video of Legacy beating the heck out of DX over and over recently – both on RAW and PPV’s. Voices of them mocking DX and saying they’ll put DX out forever. Cody says every single one of those moments have one thing in common, no one expected any of it. HHH and HBK are two of the biggest superstars walking the earth. For over a decade RAW has been their sandbox. HHH is a 13 World Champion. He’s a surefire, first ballot HOF. After HIAC, HHH can get his corner office ready to work with his relatives. HBK, he’s been in the ring with him and he is indeed the greatest ring performer to ever breathe. He’s come back from a broken back to come back and have amazing matches. He’s the stuff of legend. But, the legend has a tragic conclusion when they’re standing over a broken heap that was HBK. At HIAC they won’t be locked in with DX. At HIAC, DX will be…. “BORING!” comes HBK’s voice from nowhere! Again, “BORING!” Ted says time is running out for them. HHH says this is not half bad. HBK says he’s right, it’s all bad! They laugh. Up in one of the boxes, DX is lit up and finally shown. The fans go wild. Ted says to look way up there, it’s DX! Ted tells them they’re doing a great job, so funny. They’re telling jokes. But they’re not stupid and see right through them. They see right through them. They’re trying to take the Sting out of that last beating they gave them. HHH thinks them making fun of Legacy is an insecurity thing? No, the two of them are a complete… HBK tells HHH to choose his words very carefully as it’s a PG show, family friendly. HHH says their like butts. Not so much the cheeks, but the little center part. The fans love this! The second reason they make fun of Legacy is, how can he explain it so they’d understand. HHH says Cody’s a comic book nerd, right? So, the Incredible Hulk is the big green monster. Then his alter ego is Bob Barker. HBK stops HHH and says his alter ego is Bruce Banner. HHH says sorry. When he’s Bruce Banner he’s calm and relax, then the monster stays away. But when he’s mad the monster comes out. It’s like them. When they’re up there, laughing and joking, the monster stays at bay. Cody says they can use whatever reasoning they’d like. Ted and Cody can’t wait. HBK tells him not to cut him off. HHH says it’s very rude. Unlike Bruce Banner, they like when the monster comes out. As a matter of fact, why wait for Sunday? They drop their mics and come down through the crowd. The fans go wild over this. DX come down and by the side of the ramp, to the ring. Legacy flees the ring when DX finally get to ringside. HHH invites them back into the ring, but they stay in the crowd. HBK says it’s a shock, after all the talk. Here they stand, ready to go. Yet, there they go, running away. HHH tells them to enjoy this distance. This Sunday a Cell will lower around the four of them. There will be no running, no hiding and they won’t be joking. This Sunday, for the two of them, it will be pure hell. Legacy make their way out through the crowd while DX stare from the ring.

– Commercial

Jack Swagger to the ring. Video of Miz stealing the US Championship belt last week while Swagger and Kofi fought in the ring. Swagger then attacked Miz from behind and stole it form him. Evan Bourne out to the ring to face him.

Evan glares up at Swagger who smirks. Evan up over Jack’s shoulder and to the mat. Evan tries to gain control but is slammed to the mat again, twice. Jack wrenches on Evan’s leg. A foot behind Evan’s knee and Jack holding his ankle, Evan on his stomach. Evan to the ropes and free, but Jack kicks him from the ring. Evan holds his leg, but to his feet. Jack grabs him and kicks Jack in the side of the head. Evan grabs Jack around the waist, from the side and trips Jack back over his hip to pin him for two. Jack kicks Evan but Evan comes back with a spinning kick. Low clothesline to a kneeling Jack and he pins for one. Jack gets Evan up for the powerbomb, but Evan somehow ends up standing up top in a corner! Evan kicks back at Jack’s face. Evan comes off the dorner with his knees on Jack’s shoulders to ride him down for two. Evan up but jumps over Jack to land on his feet. Head scissors to Jack. Jack comes back with that powerbomb for three.

– Winner: Jack Swagger

Video of that powerbomb. Jack grabs a mic and says he has the look, the talent and even has the gold. At HIAC, he will officially become the US Champion. Heat from the fans. And when he does… He’s cut off by Miz who comes out in black shirt, tie and vest. He asks Jack really? He’s going to become the next Champion? Really? Which 2009 draft pick has made the most Impact since coming to RAW? Miz. Who’s most unpredictable? Miz. Who’s turned more heads and garnered more attention? Miz. Who’s the next US Champion? Miz. Jack, Miz, Kofi and everyone in the arena knows it. This is what a Champion looks like. He’s the Miz and… They start to brawl. Quite the fight on the mat. Kofi rushes out and steals his gold back. Miz and Jack continue to fight and don’t even realize Kofi stole back his strap.

– Commercial

Santino comes out, but then his music changes and Hornswoggle comes out to join him on the stage. They come to the ring together. Justin is actually in the ring. They seem to have kept him more hidden tonight than they used to keep Lilian. Chavo and Chris Masters to the ring. Video of Cedric The Entertainer facing Chavo last week. Then the different Cedric The Entertainer’s who faced Chavo, then the real one pinned Chavo for the three. They all celebrated in the ring together.

Santino and Chavo start, but Chavo wants Hornswoggle. Santino quickly works over Chavo. Chavo comes back on the attack. Santino face first into the heel corner and Chris tags in. Chris works Santino over and tags in Chavo. Huge upper cut from Chavo. Santino face first into a corner. Santino about to go face first into another corner, but he puts a foot up and says, very loudly, “I don’t think so!” Santino fights back with punches and then a poke to the eyes. Chris gets a blind tag on Chavo and comes in. He immediately grabs Santino from behind and locks on the masterlock. He whips Santino around like a doll. Santino starts screaming and twitching, but then drops and the ref calls it.

– Winners: Chavo & Chris Masters

Chris grabs Hornswoggle. Chavo yells for Chris to bring Hornswoggle to him. Chris locks the masterlock on Hornswoggle and really wrenches it in. Lots of screaming and Chavo comes in. He’s watching closely and then punches Chris Masters out! The fans love it! Chavo flees the ring looking at his hand in shock. Hornswoggle is lolling on the mat and Masters lolling on the floor outside.

Backstage Big Show, Jericho and Orton talk strategy?

– Commercial

Video of the Mexico tour then the Spanish and French tours. The fans shown. Cena, Santino, MVP and Eve talk over the stills and video.

Promo for next weeks Special Guest Host – Pittsburgh Steeler, Ben Roethlisberger.

King and Cole in the ring and they go through the matches slated for the HIAC PPV. Then they announce Reverend Al Sharpton. He’s on camera from backstage. He thanks everyone for having him, but then Jillian rushes in and says she heard he was tour manager for the godfather of soul, James Brown. Sharpton says more like his son, but okay. She says she’s as good of a singer as him, or better and wants him to be her manager. She sings ‘Living In America’ for him. The look of disdain on his face is amazing. He says he doesn’t think so. He’s on an education tour and needs to do that. The Bella Twins rush in and say they hear he’s the godson of James Brown and know he can sing and dance. They want him too. He does a little singing “I feel good…” and dancing, very little, and has a huge smile on his face.

Cena backstage, heading for the ring.

– Commercial

The felt they had to show a ‘sneak peek’ at the show Community. No clue why. Then back to RAW. So very confusing.

Cena out to the ring for the Gauntlet Match. Jericho out to the ring first.

They lock up and Cena takes Jericho down. They grapple a bit. “Cena” chants in a decidedly high tone. Drop toe hold to Jericho who comes back with a clothesline. Jericho trash talks Cena and chokes him on the second ropes. Back elbow to Cena. Jericho pins for two. Headlock on Cena in the center of the ring. Cena to his feet and somehow gets Jericho up for the AA, but Jericho rolls through. Jericho keeps working Cena over then slingshots Cena into the bottom rope from below. Jericho rushes Cena in a corner but Cena moves. Clotheslines to Jericho and then a slam to the mat. Five knuckle shuffle to Jericho. Jericho up for the AA, but he wiggles out again and tries to lock on the walls. Jericho manages to lock the hold in, but Cena crawls to the ropes and gets there but Jericho refuses to break the hold. The ref calls for the bell and Jericho still refuses. Cena taps, but Jericho still refuses. Justin announces Cena the winner but Jericho is still holding Cena!

– Winner: Cena

Big Show out to the ring and Cena’s still in the walls. Big Show to the ring and about to climb in when Jericho breaks the hold, finally! The ref calls for the bell for the second match. Forearm to Cena’s back in a corner and Cena can barely stand! “Cena” chants from high voices.

– Commercial

Punches to Cena’s back in a corner. Jericho watches from outside the ring. Big Show smiles and then grinds his shoulder into Cena’s back in the corner. Big Show lets go and Cena falls to the mat. Bear hug on Cena in the center of the ring. Jericho screams at Cena outside. Cena muscles out, so Big Show lets go and Cena falls to the mat. Big Show motions for the chokeslam. Cena uses the ropes to get up. Super Cena reverses the choke into a DDT. Cena to his feet first. Cena gets Big Show up for the AA, but Jericho rushes in and attacks Cena from behind, pushing him down. Big Show landed on Cena’s head as they landed. The ref calls for the bell.

– Winner: Cena

Jericho and Big Show stomp Cena and then Big Show locks on the colossal clutch. Then Orton’s music hits. Orton slowly talks down to the ring. Orton stares into the ring and watches Cena closely as he climbs in. Cena to his feet and glares sideway at Orton. Orton right into Cena’s face. Cena points up. The HIAC is slowly lowering. Orton’s distracted and Cena grabs him. Orton tries to get away any possible way before he’s locked in with Cena. Orton’s trapped. Finally he gets away from Cena but can only gets his hands out. He pulls them back in before they get squished. “Cena” chants from a more diverse crowd of voices and Super Cena is ready. Orton, outside the ring, looks toward the door. Orton slowly starts to make his way to the door. Then he gets to the corner and runs, but Cena cuts him off. Cena tells him if he wants it, to earn it. The punching starts and they end up outside the HIAC. Orton on his back on the floor. Cena gets Orton up for the AA, but Orton grabs the cell and wiggles out. Orton climbs like a monkey (that was fast and fricken cool!) and Cena gives pursuit! Orton up top of the Cell and Cena makes it up there too. They stare each other down and then start fighting. Cena gets Orton up and hits an AA! The Cell holds for them (unlike Foley). Cena poses over Orton and his music plays. Cena back to his feet and looks around. Cena walks around the top and poses for fan. Camera angle looking straight up at them and Orton has a hand under his head and he’s just laying there. Cena goes back to wandering and posing.

Biggest pop

Biggest heat

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