Rene Dupree's Release, Batista vs, Khali, Stone Cold Selling Home


— As reported earlier, former WWE Tag Team Champion Rene Dupree was fired last week. He had failed a few Wellness tests and had also been in and out of rehab. Despite his release from WWE, he should be fine. His father Emil Dupree was heavy into real estate and Rene, although only in his early 20s, has already invested in apartments in New Brunswick, plus it is believed he owns places in Louisville and Phoenix. It is believed that he’ll head home and his father will run shows with Rene as a top star. In a year or so when (or, more importantly, if) the whole Congress/steroids situation dies down, there’s a good chance that he’ll return to WWE, so we probably haven’t seen the last of Rene Dupree.

– They’re doing a deal at house shows where Batista vs. Khali matches end via DQ when Finlay interferes, setting up Batista & Kane vs. Khali & Finlay which ends with Batista pinning Finlay). The reason for the tag matches is that apparently the Batista vs. Khali singles matches are so bad that they can’t even have them do extended singles matches on houseshows, yet they expect them to do an extended singles match at SummerSlam.

— Steve Austin is selling his four-bedroom Malibu mansion for $3.9 million. He still has a ranch in Texas and is getting another place closer to Los Angeles since he’s still doing film work.

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