Ron Reis Reveals The Famous Wrestler Originally Planned To Be "The Yeti" In WCW

World Wrestling Insanity interview with Ron “The Yeti” Reis
Host: James Guttman
Interview available at via ClubWWI. has brought you the stars behind wrestling’s most outlandish gimmicks as you’ve never heard them before. Outback Jack, The Boogeyman, Goldust, and many others have all joined the site for uncut shoot interviews. Are we done? Not quite Yeti.

That’s right. Get ready to unravel the man behind WCW’s most infamous gimmick ever as we welcome the one and only Ron “The Yeti” Reis to for a rare and uncut shoot interview that no wrestling fan should miss. He’s been talked about, written about, and topped a ton of top ten lists. Now the man who wrapped himself up and joined the Dungeon of Doom, Ron Reis, joins James Guttman to discuss his entire career. From the Dungeon to The Flock and everywhere in between, you can hear it all only on Including talk of a ton of topics including: The Reason WCW Created The Yeti, The Unfortunate “Double Bearhug” On Hulk Hogan, Worrying About Catching Fire From The Pyro During His Ice-Breaking Debut, Toilet Paper and Gauze, Paul Orndorff’s Not-So-Comforting Words, Why He Ended Up In The Ninja Outfit, The Demise of WCW, Hogan and Bischoff in TNA, TNA’s Great House Shows vs. Frazzled TV Shows, Why Goldberg Worked, The Monday Night Wars, Bischoff Giving Away Raw Results, Billy Kidman Riding Him To The Ring, Joining Raven’s Flock, The Other Thing About Hogan’s Win Over The Iron Sheik That Changed Wrestling, Who Ron Would Pick For “The New Horsemen,” Rock, Kevin Sullivan, Chris Jericho, Rick Rude, Dungeon of Doom, Boogeyman, and More (full list available at:

One topic that will amaze many listeners is Ron’s revelation of why the Yeti was created. Ron explains the reason WCW came up with the character to begin with (and he says it was a big ruse) and how he, and others, helped the eventual success of the N.W.O. and more. Although the gimmick itself was created for a very specific reason, the original direction of the character was a different story altogether. Ron reveals what that reason was to James Guttman and listeners..

“The big thing they wanted to achieve was that first battle royal. It was going to be a 60 man battle royal and three giants. It was going to be Paul Wight (Big Show), Giant Gonzalez, and myself. I would be the ninja from Japan or something like that. They brought over Big Show to start doing his stuff. Then they brought over the Giant Gonzalez to start doing his stuff, but then he got sick. He came over and got workman’s comp and then went back to…Argentina. When he did that, they (said to me), “Hey. We need you to go down there and jump in this role. And then I jumped out of the ice and came down and did the double bear hug…”

James and Ron then discuss that unfortunate double bear hug. While it looked good on paper, it looked like something very different when it played out. Ron realizes this and laments about how he ended up with “the back end of the bear hug.” He also reveals how the idea came about to do it, when it came up, what he was worried most about during his Yeti debut, how Paul Orndorff’s words of comfort didn’t help, and much more on

While people remember the mummy-like character that Ron played, The entire Dungeon was so outlandish that he actually fit in. Featuring Brutus Beefcake as the Zodiak, Kamala, Kevin Sullivan, it all was monster-movie stuff. Ron talks about how the insanity of the gimmicks helped to achieve success for the real-life stories that would soon follow and admits that the Dungeon still gives him a laugh.

“I always laughed that someone might believe there’s really a Dungeon of Doom somewhere. Like, you know, you’re driving down the freeway and there’s a sign, “Dungeon of Doom – 3 Miles?” What do you do? It’s ridiculous.”

Ron discusses about more than just the Yeti while discussing WCW. He also was a member of Raven’s Flock under the name Reese. He talks about spots he wanted to work with Billy Kidman, Kidman riding him to the ring, and more. On top of that, Ron’s a fan of the industry and talks in-depth about the rise and fall of WCW (of which he was there for the duration), the business in general, the success of Hogan and Goldberg, today’s product, and tons more.

Guttman then asks the magic question – a return. Whether TNA or WWE, will we ever see a return of The Yeti? Ron Reis responds for listeners:

“Probably not. I wouldn’t mind doing a guest appearance shot or maybe reinvent Yeti for a Halloween show or something. But as far as realistically getting back on the road, I don’t see that happening.”

See photo of Giant Gonzalez today (>>)

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