Shelton Benjamin giving it another try?

There is word going around that former WWE Intercontinental champion Sheldon Benjamin is trying once again to make his comeback to the WWE. While a new deal with the company is not a done deal, it is said to be “Heading in the right direction”.
Benjamin was set to make a comeback last year right after the brand split was brought back. Video was aired on Smackdown announcing his return. However, a deal was never signed as during his WWE medical exam it was discovered his had a badly torn shoulder and had to have surgery.
Now that he has had time to heal, and left things on a good note before having the surgery, rumor has it he will try it again. The expected destination for Benjamin is Smackdown Live and a possible teaming up with American Alpha, who have been largely off TV for the last few months after losing the Smackdown tag belts to the Usos.

Benjamin’s first run with the WWE began as Brock Lesnar’s tag partner in the developmental OVW federation. He later teamed with Charlie Hass on the main roster a couple of times and also won the Intercontinental and United States titles. His last major run was in Japan as part of the Suzuki-Gun group in Pro Wrestling NOAH. He left the group in July of 2016.


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