Steven Tai hosts LFW’s debut Digitally Augmented presentation

London – It is no easy feat for any designer or brand to create a truly
unique experience at London Fashion Week. While traditional catwalk shows
and presentation formats do offer viewers a glimpse into the story behind
the collection, effectively conveying the deeper idea behind the designs
shown remains challenging. Over the years more and more designers have been
turning to new technologies to effectively engage with their audience and
take them on an experience-driven journey. Burberry was the first to
live-stream its fashion shows to viewers all over the world, while Topshop
offered visitors the chance to have a front row seat to its previous shows
using VR. Now Steven Tai has taken this one step further with his immersive
fashion showcase for AW18.

For his London Fashion Week AW18 presentation, Steven Tai teamed up with
London College of Fashion, ILMxLAB and Innovation Agency (FIA) to launch an
immersive, digital presentation like no other before. Guests at Steven
Tai’s AW18 presentation were witnessed the global debut of LiveCGX,
ILMxLAB’S performance-driven digital augmentation technology which not only
digitally transformed the venue itself, but also pieces from the collection
itself. Taking place at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in London, the
presentation included a physical showcase of the AW18 collection on live
models, who modeled alongside an augmented digital avatar which was
generated in real time using CGI.

How Steven Tai uses LiveCGX to elevate his London Fashion Week AW 18 presentation

“Fashion is about storytelling,” said Steven Tai in a statement. “It’s
about representing a concept, to sell a dream, or just selling an idea that
is close to the designer’s heart. Having a digitally augmented presentation
this season allows us, and our guests, to achieve and experience things
beyond our physical possibilities.” Displayed on a giant screen inside
Durbar Court, the presentation space was transformed in real time, layering
inspiration from Macau onto the physical surroundings. While live models
showcased Steven Tai’s AW18 collection live on stage, on the screen they
were digitally transported to a marketplace in Macau, complete with trees
and food stands. At the same time, another model in a motion capture suit
off-stage was digitally visible on the Macau-inspired world screen modeled
two Steven Tai designed digital garments which transition from one to
another in real time.

Instead of seeing the digital presentation control the live performance,
the performer drives the presentation, engaging with the audience. Through
this evolution of the traditional presentation format, viewers are offered
a glimpse into a future where clothing is both physical and digital and can
be worn in perfect coordination. “Immersive technologies are leading us to
a new narrative for the fashion industry. Imagine a world where you can
augment everything from the clothes that you’re wearing to the environment
that surrounds you, in real-time. That is the glimpse into the future that
this technology offers us. LiveCGX will force us to redefine what we
experience in fashion today, allowing for creative possibilities where we
are limited only by our imagination. We are thrilled to bring this
experience to life at this incredible venue with the support of the GREAT
Britain Campaign,” added Matthew Drinkwater, Head of Fashion Innovation

The digital presentation hails the industry’s first steps towards a new
type of live performance, one which seamlessly connects real-time visual
effects and human-driven expression. “What is exciting about this
collaboration with Steven Tai and London College of Fashion’s Innovation
Agency is the opportunity to bring the stories and worlds that have
inspired Steven’s designs to life by exploring augmented live performance
as a means of sparking intimate and compelling relationships with the
people and characters who inhabit those worlds,” concluded Vicki Dobbs
Beck, ILMxLAB’s executive in charge.

Photos: Courtesy of Steven Tai

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