TNA In Talks With Former WCW Champion, Karen Angle Gets Tipsy, "TNA Wraslin"

sources: Wrestling Observer Newsletter,

— TNA is currently in talks with former WCW World Heavyweight Champion David Arquette about joining the promotion. Arquette is suddenly interested in joining TNA. He called Jonny Fairplay, who has nothing to do with TNA these days, and asked him if Fairplay could be his manager. However, Fairplay isn’t really interested in doing anything with pro wrestling these days because he has other things on the table.

— Apparently, Karen Angle “made a spectacle of herself” at the party thrown by Spike TV in celebration of the first two hour Impact taping last month. Whatever she did at the party, it removed some of the internal luster over the Angle family among many people in TNA.

— There was a sign outside the Gwinnett Arena, the site of the Bound for Glory pay-per-view that took place this past Sunday, that said “TNA Wraslin”.

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