TNA Slammiversary Pay-Per-View Results: Former WWE Star Debuts

We get a video showing the 8-year history of TNA Wrestling and the Slammiversary event. Kurt Angle talks about how great the wrestlers are in TNA and how they’ve built TNA into a world class company. Hogan’s TNA arrival was shown, followed by Jeff Hardy and RVD’s.

We get the usual pyro & music, Jeremy Borash is in the ring to immediately kick off the opening match.

Kurt Angle vs. Kazarian

Kaz is out first to the ring followed by Angle. Kaz leaves the ring to give Angle his moment. The fans are very into Angle and chanting “USA!” (despite the fact that Kaz is also American.) They lock up and Angle takes Kaz down. More Angle chants. Shoulder block to Kaz and he hits a couple arm drags.

Arm bar on Kaz and he’s down. USA chants. What’s that about? Kaz runs the ropes then Angle slams Kaz in a corner. Kaz comes back with a flying dropkick off a corner. One German suplex to Kaz, then another. Before the third Kaz mule kicks. Brian Hebner about DQ’d Kaz but Angle stopped him. Kaz back on Angle hard in a corner.

Outside and Kaz in control. Back in with a leg drop over the top on Angle. Still more chants for Angle. Angle up and fights back. Backbreaker to Kaz out of nowhere. Angle into a corner and then a hard clothesline when Angle comes out. Kaz chokes Angle. Front facelock on the mat to Angle. More USA chants.

A release German lands Kaz hard, both down. Punches back and forth. Clotheslines and then back body from from Angle. Kaz in a corner, gets foot up. Belly to belly to Kaz for two. Kaz out of an Angle slam. spinning neckbreaker to Angle.

Powerbomb, then ankle lock on Kaz for two. Dropkick to Angle for two. Kaz climbs, but Angle runs up and send Kaz flying. Angle still only gets two on Kaz. ‘This is awesome’ chants. Angle gets the ankle lock Kaz, kicks out. Kaz sent to the apron but comes back over with a slingshot DDT for two. Kaz gets Angle up, but Angle grabs the ropes and free. German on Kaz. The second German. Angle holds on and hits a third, but still holds on! A fourth German on Kaz and the straps are down.

Kaz out of the ankle lock and hits his piledriver on Angle, but doesn’t get the three. Kaz hits a clothesline but only gets another two. Kaz springboards, but Angle kicks him in flight. Angle slam, but only a two count. ‘Angle slam’ chants. Angle climbs but Kaz climbs and powerbombs. Kaz uses the ropes and Brian catches him, stops the count. Angle set up fort he finisher again, Angle reverses out into the ankle lock. Angle’s whole body in and Kaz Taps.

Winner: Kurt Angle

Tenay and Taz thank the fans. Taz thanks us for giving them a different place to work. Tenay thanks Jarrett for starting TNA.

TNA X Division Title Match: Douglas Williams (c) vs. Brian Kendrick

We start off and the crowd is chanting for Brian Kendrick. Tenay and Taz explain how Kendrick defeating Williams would be like Kendrick taking back what the X division is all about.

Backdrop style suplex on Kendrick outside. Williams rolls in and then back out to break the count. Chinlock on Kendrick in the ring. Kendrick fights back with punches, but Williams hits a fallaway slam for two. Backbreaker on Kendrick and then Williams rolls Kendrick up in a bow, but Kendrick free and pins for one. Williams works the crowd. Front facelock on Kendrick.

Kendrick hung up on the ropes, but then comes back by flying out onto Williams. Kendrick up and flies with a dropkick. A splash in a corner, then a shining wizard and a flying knee to Williams for two. Williams again rolled up for two. Williams sends Kendrick into a corner,t hen kicks his leg hard, but it looked like a low blow. Kendrick for the sunset, Williams drops down for two. High knee to Kendrick in a corner, then a couple suplexes. Another suplex and Williams pinned for two.

Kendrick slapped Williams, then bit his wrist. Williams up and hits a tornado DDT on Kendrick for three.

Winner: Doug Williams

Christy Hemme interviews Eric Bischoff backstage. Bischoff runs down Sting and says Rob Van Dam has the integrity, skill and character that he wants in a champion and is very satisfied with RVD thus far.

TNA Knockouts Title Match: Roxxi vs. Madison Rayne

Roxxi comes out first. They show a video of Roxxi pinning Rayne on iMPACT! from few weeks back. Rayne is out next and she looks hot. Rayne grabs a mic and has something to say. The crowd chants “Shut your pie hole” at her. She asks Roxxi why TBP have dominated for two years while Roxxi’s popped in and out of TNA when she feels. “Shut her up!” chants. This time she was handed a title shot. Rayne yells at the fans to shut up and gets huge heat. She’s putting everything on the line. Everything to lose and nothing to gain. What’s Roxxi have to lose. Why doesn’t Roxxi put up what Tara did. She wants Roxxi’s career on the line. She asks Roxxi if she’s scared.

Roxxi agrees to the stipulation and gets hit with the microphone. Rayne gets a two count on Roxxi. Chokes Roxxi in a corner and she’s bleeding a LOT. Axe clotheslines to Rayne. Rayne slams Roxxi down and she rolls out. Roxxi’s really bleading hard. Roxxi on the apron and send her into a corner. Roxxi part way up and is slammed down. Roxxi slammed down for two. Stomping Roxxi’s arm. ‘Roxxi’s chants. Armbar on Roxxi. Roxxi punches back and slams Rayne face first in a corner. Enziguri to Rayne.

Roxxi is all over Rayne, beating her down hard. Roxxi gets a gets two count and is shocked. Roxxi gets Rayne up and hits her finisher, but Rayne rolls out of hte ring. Roxxi shakes that arm and then out to roll Rayne in. Knee to Roxxi’s face and then Rayne hits her finisher for three.

Winner: Madison Rayne

Roxxi leaves in tears while Rayne yells at her. Lots of heat on for Madison Rayne, who bows to the fans.

We get a video hyping the “teacher vs. student” angle between Brother Ray and Jesse Neal.

Brother Ray vs. Jesse Neal

Ray grabs a mic, tells Neal to hold on and then calls for Devon to get out there. Moore rushes the ring worried. ray tells them to hold on. Ray’s glad Moore’s out there. Ray says he owes everybody in the ring an apology. ‘We want tables’ chants. Neal and Moore are up in arms. Ray says to Moore that he was right, he’s been a totally bully and douche bag. ‘You’re a douche bag’ chants. Devon talked some sense into Ray. Neal’s doing what they trained him to do. It’s obvious that the TNA fans love Neal. ‘Jesse’ chants. A couple days ago he said some bad things. Neal’s not a failure in the Navy, he’s a hero. Moore leaves the ring to them. Ray apologizes to everyone. He screwed up. Mic down and Devon checked to make sure it was over. Ray hugs Neal, raises his arm. They all leave.

Up the ramp and then Ray turns and attacks. Neal thrown into the ring. Devon goes crazy. Ray yells at them to get Devon out of there. Ray on Neal really hard. Kicks to the head, punches. Neal fights back a bit, but not luck. Neal into a corner, shirt ripped and chops. Ray gets a ‘Jesse’ chant starting, then kicks Neal in the chest. Elbow drop. Neal tries to fight back but gets punched to the head. A punch to Neal’s leg. Neal put up top and hung him up. Neal’s chest is very red. Stunner type moves from Neal’s sitting position in the corner. Ray rips off the dog tags and slaps the heck out of him.

Neal up and fighting back with elbows. Clotheslines to Ray, but still up. Neal jumps off a corner and into a crossbody. Belly to belly for two on Ray! Bubba bomb and back slaps to Neal. Then …. TOMMY DREAMER shows up in the crowd. Loud “ECW” chants. Ray stares and points at Dreamer. Ray gets up and misses a senton splash. Big spear from Neal and he gets the win.

Christy Hemme interviews Hernandez backstage. She says Hernandez looks great – which can’t be good news for Matt Morgan. Hernandez trash talks Morgan for taking him out and making a joke of the tag team titles. He’s gonna take Morgan out tonight.

Matt Morgan vs. Hernandez

Morgan out in street clothes with a huge neck brace. he acts like he’s in severe pain as he walks to the ring. about to get in the ring, but hurts too bad! He slowly gets in, wincing in pain. Beard has grown out quite a bit since the last taping. Morgan says it’s with deep regret that he had to be the one to come out and inform everyone that Morgan won’t be performing tonight. Heat for Morgan. Don’t thank Morgan. Thank the animalistic savage Hernandez for jumping him from behind again and hurting his neck. Mr. Ref, him being the perfect man, he’s always two steps ahead of the game. He has a doctor’s note stating he cannot and will not be performing. Brian looks a bit shocked. And to Morgan’s fans who spent their money predicated on seeing him in action and he’s most sorry. He’ll be back, he’s a quick healer.

Hernandez out on the ramp and on Morgan. Into the ring and Hernandez chokes Morgan on the ropes, then with Hernandez’s shirt. Brian yells at Hernandez. Shoulders to Morgan’s gut in the corner. Hernandez chokes Morgan with his foot. Brian drags Hernandez back. Hernandez picks Brian up and sit him up top in a corner. Morgan begs for Hernandez not to touch him, then Morgan pulls the rope down, sending Hernandez outside. Back in the ring, Hernandez into the ringpost a couple times, shoulder first. The a third time and Hernandez rolls out. Morgan makes Brian count Hernandez out.

Hernandez takes more abuse in the ring. Back elbows to Hernandez in a corner and Taz says it’s VINTAGE Matt Morgan. Morgan pins for two. Herndandez fights back splashing Morgan in a corner, then a clothesline, then threw Morgan across the ring. Morgan’s shirt ripped off and choking the heck out of Morgan with it. Brian tries to stop the choking. Hernandez throws Brian across the ring. Brian calls for the bell.

Winner – Morgan via DQ

Morgan tries to stomp off but Hernandez after him. Hernandez beats on Morgan and set him up for the same kick that Morgan gave him. Somehow Brian got in the way and took the kick. Brian went down HARD. Earl ran out, but Brian’s okay, sitting up.

Christy Hemme interviews Hulk Hogan. Hogan rips on Sting for what he’s done to Jeff Jarrett. He says no man should ever try to destroy a man’s career. If anybody can stand up to Sting, it’s RVD. But Hogan’s eyes will be on Sting, there won’t be a repeat of last month, brother.

Monster’s Ball Match: Abyss vs. Desmond Wolfe

Wolfe out to the ring with Chelsea in tow. Abyss out with weapons. Wolfe with a kendo stick, but it went flying. A boot to Wolfe’s head. Abyss with a chair, Wolfe kicked it. Chair wedged into a corner. Wolfe almost into the corner, but then a sideslam from Abyss for two. Abyss under the ring and comes out with a chunk of plywood with rolls of barbedwire on it. Wolfe back on Abyss in the ring.

Wolfe ended up slamming into the chair head first. Abyss out for more crap. Wolfe kicks the ropes as Abyss comes back in, into a low blow. A couple trashcan shots to Abyss’ head. Wolfe yells out to Chelsea who wasn’t happy looking. Wolfe pulls a teddy wrapped in barbed out of Abyss’ can. Abyss splashes Wolfe, both got the teddy to the gut. Abyss out to give Chelsea the bear. She takes it, confused. Abyss with his black bag.

It’s full of broken glass. Desmond Wolfe runs away and screams that he didn’t sign up for this, dragging Chelsea with him. Abyss goes after them. Chelsea is in Abyss’ way and Wolfe attacks with a kendo stick. To the head, then chokes him with it. Abyss stops a kendo hit to the head and chokeslams Wolfe through the floor in front of announcers table. Wolfe is shaking like crazy. Abyss gets Wolfe free and drags him back. Wolfe back into the ring. Chelsea still holds the bear. Abyss goes for the pin, but Wolfe grabs the ropes to break the count.

Abyss grabs the board with wire. Wolfe set up top and Abyss up too. Wolfe fights back and Abyss is the one who lands in the wire. Abyss shakes. He’s all sliced open. Wolfe pins in the wire for two. Wolfe with a kendo and nails Abyss in the head, then shoulder. abyss ducks and gets Wolfe up for a shock treatment. Abyss pins for two.

Wolfe reverses out of a chokeslam. Wolfe slams a kendo into the back of Abyss’ head. Abyss falls face first into the glass. Wolfe gets a two count. Blood in the glass. ‘The is awesome’ chants. Wolfe screeches at Chelsea for the purse. He gets it, but the knucks aren’t in there. She has them! She throws them over Wolfe to Abyss. Abyss uses them and get the three.

Winner: Abyss

Chelsea stares into the ring. Abyss licks the blood off his hands.

Christy Hemme is backstage with RVD. RVD says he has to win tonight for all of TNA’s fans. He’s not letting Sting’s mind games affect him. He cares that Sting stole and vandalized the belt. He doesn’t care about Sting’s agenda, he cares about RVD’s agenda and so should Sting. It’s the whole f’in show time!

We get a video recapping the history between Flair, AJ and Lethal.

AJ Styles vs. Jay Lethal

AJ Styles out first. Flair walks out well behind AJ. AJ waits for Earl to hold the ropes for him. Jay Lethal out to much pop to face Styles. Flair glares at Lethal, then talks smack to him. Lethal in carefully, not taking his eyes off AJ and Flair.

Dueling chants, but most for Lethal. They dance around a bit. They lock up and push, finally Lethal backed into a corner. Chop to Lethal rather than a clean break. Bitch slap to AJ. AJ falls to his bum and rolls out. AJ back in. Loud dueling chants for both. Side headlock on Lethal. Side headlock takeover on Lethal, but then a number of reverses on the mat. AJ in head scissors on the mat. Back to their feet, side headlock on Lethal. A shot to Lethal’s knee that looked botched. Chops to Lethal. Monkey flip to AJ who comes back, but then Lethal works over AJ hard. Beautiful suplex to AJ for two.

Some punches back and forth. Backbreaker to AJ for two. Head scissors sends AJ flying. He goes out. AJ in while Lethal goes out. Lethal pulls AJ’s foot out from under him and he lands hard outside. Flair helps AJ up, Earl gets Lethal back in the ring. Lethal drags AJ back in. AJ chokes Lethal in a corner. Chop to AJ. Lethal tries to float over and guts hung up on the top rope in a low blow. Blows to Lethal up there, but he fights back. A big blow and Lethal goes lax and falls. AJ in control. AJ pins for two. AJ slammed into a corner, shoulder blocks from Lethal. AJ into a corner, chops to AJ. Kick to AJ’s face for one.

Back suplex to Lethal. Punches to Lethal who’s then thrown out. Flair chokes Lethal with his jacket. AJ out and nails a bit chop. Bakc in AJ pins for two. AJ’s pissed. Facelock on Lethal in the center of the ring. ‘Lethal’ chants. Lethal elbows AJ in the gut. Elbow to the back of Lethal’s head. Lethal handspring’s back and elbows AJ. Punch to AJ, then into a front facelock. Another punch, then back into the facelock. A couple elbows then a boot to AJ from a corner. Lethal off one corner, then off another. Chop to AJ, then another attack and a lethal combination for two.

AJ catches Lethal and takes him down. Flair’s pissed and yells at Earl. Lethal hits a cutter and pins for a long two. Lethal over and kicks at Flair. Rake to Lethal’s eyes. AJ grabs Lethal and locks on the figure four. Lethal to the ropes, Flair hits Lethal’s hands, but he’s free. Brainbuster on Lethal for two. Taz gives a shout out to Arn Anderson. AJ Set up the Styles Clash, but Lethal counters. Lethal hits a full nelson into a suplex and goes for the pin, but Flair pulls AJ’s foot under the ropes. Lethal locks the Figure four on AJ and Flair is going nuts. AJ makes it to the ropes.

AJ hits Lethal with the Pele kick. AJ starts climbing but his knee buckles and he hits his face on the turnbuckle. Lethal rolls AJ up and gets the pinfall.

Winner – Jay Lethal

Flair rushes into the ring. Lethal rushes out and celebrates with the fans. Kaz out to the ring and tries to calm Flair who’s yelling at AJ. Kaz says AJ needs to regroup. AJ is sitting on the mat in the corner, looking lost. Flair leaves the ring with Kaz.

Sting cuts a promo from the rafters. He says some men want to rule the world, some men want to make it a better place and some want to watch the world burn. Which one is he?

We get a video showing Mr. Anderson’s face turn and how he’s aligned himself with Jeff Hardy.

Christy Hemme interviews Anderson and Hardy. She asks how they feel about being a new team against an established team? Hardy talked for a bit. Anderson says the two of them really need a team name. Hey come up with Creatures of the Assholes, Assholes of the night. and settle on “Enigmatic Assholes.”

Mr. Anderson & Jeff Hardy vs. Beer Money

Beer Money out to the ring first. Anderson out and puts his hand out, but was in the wrong spot. He announces himself, part of the Extreme Enigmatic Assholes and lets the fans say his name both times. Jeff Hardy out next.

Anderson and Roode start. They circle around and lock up, break apart and circle again. Loud ‘Asshole’ chants. Much grappling, then Storm tags in. Then Roode Tags on. Hardy tags in and they lock up. Side headlock on Jeff. Shoudler block to Jeff. Storm takes the tag and they double team. Jeff rolls to his corner quickly and they talk. Anderson gives Jeff advice. Storm tags in and Jeff’s on him. Anderson tags in. They double team Storm. Roode rushes in and they double team him. Storm on Anderson in a corner. Anderson comes out punching. Anderson goes to run the ropes, but Roode pulls it down and Anderson flies out. Roode on Anderson outside. Anderson back in. Roode tags in and they double team, making a wish. Knee drop to Anderson and Roode pins for two. Storm tags in and more double teaming.

Anderson finally manages to fight back and was able to tag out. Jeff slams Roode down hard but Storm Breaks the pin. Anderson in and sent out fast. Jeff spiked on his head, but was able to kick out. Roode yells at Jeff to get up. Storm about to kick Jeff, but Anderson pulls Storm out. Jeff climbs and hits a swanton. Jeff pins, but Storm pulls Slick out. Anderson’s there and gets in trouble for it. Jeff works over Roode, but Storm in and takes Jeff down. Storm drags Roode over, gets out and tags in. Storm and Roode double teams Jeff. Anderson tries to help but Slick goes crazy, screeching at Anderson. Storm gets Jeff up, tries to get his legs in the ropes – didn’t really happen – then hits a DDT for two.

Pin on Jeff, Anderson in to break the count. Double team on Jeff and they do their little chant. Roode taunts Anderson and the ref’s distracted. Jeff gets a pin on Storm for two. Roode tags in and gets front facelock on Jeff. Jeff up and flies, but Roode isn’t there. Jeff lands hard. Roode yells at Jeff that they’re too smart. ‘Hardy’ chants. Jeff somehow hits a twist of fate. Anderson reaching for a tag. Anderson and Storm both in. Anderson’s double teamed, but then takes Roode out, pins for two. Storm rushes over and Anderson moves so Storm nails Roode. Storm tossed out, Jeff flies out on him. Roode nails a spinebuster for two. Jeff breaks it up. Storm get Jeff up. Eye of the storm on Jeff.

Roode thinks Storm behind him, but it was Jeff. Anderson takes Roode down and gets the three. Anderson’s eye is covered with blood.

Winners: Mr. Anderson & Jeff Hardy

Anderson calls for his mic and announces Hardy the winner. Hardy takes the mic and announces Anderson the other winner and wishes TNA a Happy Anniversary. Hardy tosses his arm warmers out into the crowd.

At ringside, Taz and Tenay talk about the main event and go over each man’s strengths.

TNA World Title Match: Rob Van Dam vs. Sting

Sting is shown walking around in the rafters, then down a set of stairs. His music and he comes out. He looks around the arena before entering the ring. RVD is shown backstage, stretching and then walking to the entrance. His music hits and RVD comes out to the ring.

Jeremy Borash does the introductions and the main event is underway!

Mr. Earl Hebner is the ref. They lock up. RVD is backed into a corner. Sting doesn’t give a clean break, punch and a kick. Sting gets RVD out, beats on him, sends him over the barrier. RVD starts fighting back. Earl lands on his bum somehow. RVD sends Sting into the wall four times, then five! Sting down on one knee, holding the barrier. RVD bounces over the barrier. RVD calls his letters, bounces onto the barrier then drops a leg on Sting’s back. Sting walks along the barrier and then RVD htits him a couple more times. RVD rushes Sting. RVD sent over the barrier – handstand on the barrier in the middle – then lands on his back. Sting goes over and starts throwing RVD into the wall. Twice and Sting had to move fans for more room. A third, then RVD dumped over the barrier. Punches back and forth. Then to the next corner of the barriers, then Sting slams RVD’s face on the barrier. Back in the ring Sting stomps RVD. RVd facing out in a corner. Stinger splash, then another. RVD flops, Sting gets a two.

Chinlock on RVD. RVD elbows out. Exchanging punches. RVD jumps and kicks Sting in the chest with the back of both feet. Punches to Sting, then a clothesline, then another. RVD nails a superkick. RVD calls his letters again. Sting in a corner, RVD punches a couple time. Sting pushes out. Thrust kick to Sting. Split leg moonsault on Sting for two.

Sting back RVD into a corner and gains a bit of control. RVD up and flies. Earl’s the one who catches the crossbody. Sting gets hi bat. A couple to the gut, one to the back, then one to the back of the leg. Then Jarrett stomps out. JJ behind Sting, grabs the bat, nails Sting with it! Bat to the jaw of Sting. JJ yells at RVD to cover him. Rolling thunder to Sting. RVD pins, Earl slowly counts, but Sting kicks out!

RVD goes after Sting who moves. RVD lands in the corner, tied up. Sting after RVD, but misses a splash. RVD takes Sting down and climbs. Five star frog splash and RVD pins. Earl counts slowly, but RVD get the three for the win.

Winner – RVD

RVD celebrates in the ring as the show goes off the air.

Thanks to everybody who joined us here for Live Coverage tonight! We’ll be back NEXT WEEKEND on June 20th for Live Coverage of WWE Fatal 4 Way.

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