Website Publishes Major Expose On Ric Flair – "The Wrestler in Real Life", a sports and pop culture affiliated with, has published a major expose on Ric Flair comparing him to a real life version of The Wrestler. In the 2008 film, Mickey Rourke plays Randy “The Ram” Robinson, an aging professional wrestler who continues to compete in spite of his failing health in an attempt to cling on to his glory days.

In tremendous detail, the article examines the wrestling legend’s personal struggles, financial issues and allegations of physical abuse by his ex-wives. The story states that Flair continues to perform for TNA Wrestling despite suffering from alcoholic cardiomyopathy (a heart problem) and that almost everything he earns from the “second-tier outfit” goes toward paying off old debts: lawyers, ex-wives, the IRS, former business partners and “anyone who made the mistake of lending him money.”

In April, a judge evicted Flair from his home in Charlotte, North Carolina because he couldn’t afford to pay rent.

The lengthy piece can be accessed here. The author notes that Flair declined to be interviewed for the article.

AS SEEN ON TV – Ric Flair’s mug shot ->

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