Work begins on film about hunt for economic fugitives

A film based on China’s hunt for economic fugitives overseas has started filming in Beijing, with award-winning actors Tony Leung Chiu-wai and Duan Yihong.

The movie will be shot in Paris, Normandy, Beijing, Shanghai and Southeast Asia.

Producer Ren Zhonglun, also the head of Shanghai Film Group, says that the film is based on a special operation launched by the Ministry of Public Security to track down corrupt officials and executives hiding overseas.

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Since 2014, the operation has led to the capture of over 4,300 economic crime suspects in more than 120 countries and regions.

Speaking about the movie, Leung, who has starred in a number of Hong Kong crime thrillers, says the new film is still a fresh field for him and it provides him an opportunity to know more about global search for economic criminals.

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