Wrestlers Told Vince McMahon Fired Bobby Lashley, HHH DVD Match Listing, More

sources: Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Wrestling Observer

— WWEShop.com has posted the match listing for the upcoming “Triple H: King of Kings-There is Only One” two-disc DVD set at this link. Although, they have only listed six of the twelve matches appearing on the set. The DVD set is scheduled to be released on March 25, 2008.

— Two weeks ago at the SmackDown/ECW taping, which was the day before Bobby Lashley revealed on his official website that he was through with WWE, the word going around backstage from management was that Vince McMahon fired Lashley to make an example out of him. It was said as such to be a lesson to the wrestlers in the back because they don’t want people complaining in the company. In actuality, it was Lashley’s complete decision to leave the company and he was not actually “fired” by McMahon.

— During last night’s Raw feed in the U.K., the audio from the first five minutes was off. Instead, the audio from last week’s Raw main event pitting JBL & Randy Orton vs. Chris Jericho & Jeff Hardy played. The regular audio came out when Randy Orton got to the ring for the contract signing.

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