WWE Raw Results 5/29

We’re live from Bon Secours Wellness Arena in Greenville, South Carolina, for the last Raw before Extreme Rules.
Raw opens up with John Cena voicing an emotional tribute segment for Memorial Day with recordings of speeches from General Norman Schwarzkopf, former President Barrack Obama and late President Ronald Reagan.
The Miz and Maryse are the first to emerge from backstage for an episode of Miz TV. The A-Lister proclaims Dean Ambrose is a lying, cheating, stealing backstabber who stole his Intercontinental Championship. Miz then reminds the crowd that if the Lunatic Fringe gets disqualified in their match at Extreme Rules that the belt will change hands, making Miz a seven-time Intercontinental Champion.

The Miz then announces his guest as future Raw Tag Team Champs, Cesaro & Sheamus. They are the No. 1 contenders for the belts who will face the Hardy Boyz in a Steel Cage Match at Extreme Rules. Cesaro & Sheamus disparage the fans for being fickle, turning their backs on them when the Hardy Boyz showed up. Sheamus says they will break the fans’ “new toys” (The Hardy Boyz) at Extreme Rules.
As The Miz announces Extreme Rules will kickoff his Intercontinental Championship comeback tour, Ambrose’s music hits and the crowd roars for the Lunatic. Ambrose says he saw three buttheads in the ring and he had to come down to shut their mouths.The Hardy Boyz then charge down the ramp to give Ambrose some support.
The Miz bolts immediately. Sheamus & Cesaro take some punches from the Hardys before departing as well as we go to commercial break.
Hardy Boyz & Dean Ambrose vs. Cesaro, Sheamus & The Miz with Maryse

Michael Cole announces Raw General Manager Kurt Angle made an impromptu tag match during the commercial break. Cesaro, Miz and Sheamus get Matt Hardy in their corner and go to work. Sheamus gets a two-count on a clothesline.
Sheamus continues the onslaught with a running knee to the gut. The Celtic Warrior then stops the Beats of the Bodhran at two and laughs at the fans. Cesaro tags, and Hardy manages to escape and tag Ambrose, who reverses the momentum. Sheamus tags in, whiffs on a Brogue Kick and gets knocked out of the ring. After Ambrose gets a near fall on a roll up, he gets distracted by Miz and Sheamus kicks Ambrose in the chops as we go to break.
As we return, Miz is in the middle of the ring, kicking Ambrose in the chest several times. Ambrose gets a near fall with a surprise roll up, but Miz kicks out before tagging Cesaro. Miz then attacks both Hardys so Ambrose can’t tag.

Sheamus then picks up Ambrose on his shoulders and Cesaro lands a double team strike off the top rope. Ambrose kicked out at 2. With Sheamus trying to land White Noise from the second rope, Ambrose punches him away and drops an elbow. Sheamus then tags Cesaro, who quickly falls victim to the rebound clothesline.
Jeff Hardy and Miz tag in. Hardy then lands a serious of kicks and an inverted atomic drop. After a wild scramble with everyone in the ring, Matt hits Miz with a twist of fate before tagging Jeff for a swanton bomb off the top rope to pin Miz for the win.
Winner: Hardy Boyz & Dean Ambrose

With Michael Cole, Booker T and Corey Graves providing commentary, Graves is busy with his phone and then walks away from the broadcast team, apologizing as he goes as we head to commercials.
Graves and Angle are looking at Graves’ phone as we come back from break. Angle reads there is information that could ruin him that was sent to Graves, who says he is looking out for the GM because he’s doing a great job on Raw. 
Back in the ring, Elias Samson is in the ring performing a sing. Zac Evans is already in the ring as Samson’s song is finished.
Elias Samson vs. Zac Evans
The Drifter takes charge with a vicious knee to Evans in the chest before lifting him up with one arm and slamming him to the mat. Samson continues the beatdown with a clothesline and a number of punches with Evans on the ropes. Samson then pounds Evans’ head four times into the canvas on the ring apron. Evans was then twisted into a pretzel around one of the ring posts.
The Drifter then plants Evans with a swinging neckbreaker to finish the squash match quickly.
The winner: Elias Samson
We come back from commercial with a backstage interview with Samoa Joe. He says he’s learning how to better hurt Finn Balor by watching footage of him on his WWE 24 Special. When Joe starts to smack talk Bray Wyatt, the screen fades to black and flips to Wyatt.
Wyatt says he sees the future and it’s the Beast running roughshod through the world. He says he’s the only one who can defeat the Beast. He says he is prepared to wage war to the end of time and leave the carcass of the Beast behind. He says Joe and all of the others in the Fatal 5-Way match at Extreme Rules should give up and give in to their fear.
Triple Threat Match: Finn Balor vs. Samoa Joe vs. Bray Wyatt
Balor makes his entrance to raucous fan fare before we go back to commercial. Samoa Joe makes his way to the ring before Wyatt’s fireflies light up the arena as he makes his entrance with his lantern.
Wyatt sits down in a corner before going outside the ring. Balor and Joe trade strikes before Finn hits Joe with an overhead kick. Joe then throws Wyatt back in the ring while staying outside. Balor hits a big kick to the head and gets a near fall before Joe breaks the pinfall attempt. Joe then hits Balor with multiple knees.
Wyatt hits Balor with a massive running clothesline and hits a number of punches with Balor in the corner. Joe then throws Wyatt out of the ring and was attempting a suplex off the top rope before Wyatt grabs Joe and suplexes both Joe and Balor.
Wyatt sets up Balor for the Sister Abigail, but Joe sneaks in from behind and locks in the Cohita Clutch. Balor kicks Joe in the head to break up the submissions attempt. Balor then hits a suicide dive on the others outside the ring as we go to break.
Joe and Wyatt team up for a double team clothesline on Balor as we return. Joe kicks Finn in the chest before Wyatt chokes Balor along the rope. Balor fights back with some knife-edge chops to both Wyatt and Joe. Balor elbows Joe before Wyatt ambushes Finn from behind. Joe then holds Balor in the corner for Wyatt to nail him with a running splash.
As Balor tries to fight back with elbows, Joe lands a combo of an inverted atomic drop and senton bomb before Wyatt hits another senton. Wyatt gestures for Joe to do another senton, but then clotheslines Joe out of the ring. Wyatt whiffs on a Ura-Nage and Balor retaliates with an overhead kick.
Balor then hits some running elbows before a kick to Wyatt’s head. Joe storms back in and kicks Balor to the mat before kicking Wyatt out of the ring. Balor throws both out of the ring before hitting a series of kicks on both Joe and Wyatt outside the ring.
After hitting a double dropkick, Balor flips Joe in the ring, but Joe counters with a Ura-Nage into the Cohita Clutch. Balor breaks out of and lands a double kick to the stomach. Wyatt tries to set up Sister Abigail from behind, but Balor drops him and double kicks him. Balor tries to Slingblade Joe, but Joe caught him. Wyatt then hits Sister Abigail on Joe, but Finn ambushes from behind before a pinfall attempt.
Balor hits Wyatt with a Slingblade and hits a Coup De Grace, but Joe sneaks back in to the ring, flips Balor into the ring post and out of the ring, and pins Wyatt.
Winner: Samoa Joe
Now backstage, Seth Rollins is asked about Samoa Joe’s win and his match with Roman Reigns. The Kingslayer says his history with Reigns is complicated. He says every time he and Roman are in the ring is it’s a war because they want to be the best. He then says that Seth Freakin Rollins owns Roman Reigns. He says he’s going to crack Roman in the head with right knee before he wins the Fatal 5-Way on Sunday.
Corey Graves then says there will be a mix tag team match at Extreme Rules with Rich Swann & Sasha Banks vs. Noam Dar & Alicia Fox. Swann and Banks are shown backstage before the commercial break.
Rich Swann with Sasha Banks vs. Noam Dar with Alicia Fox
Dar gains the early momentum before stepping on Swann’s fingers and locking in a chinlock. Dar then starts bending Swann’s wrist and fingers on his left hand.
Swann fights back with a drop toe hold into a clothesline, a standing side kick, a kick to the back of the neck and another kick to the head. Alicia Fox tries to interfere, but The Boss hijacks her from behind.
Swann then lands a Phoenix Splash off the top rope to get the three count on Dar. After the match, Swann gets Banks to dance with him in the ring.
Winner: Rich Swann with Sasha Banks
We return from break with The Revival cutting a promo about their return after a six-week absence for Wilder’s jaw injury. Video footage then shows Wilder and Scott Dawson at Raw in the background of an interview with Sasha Banks from last week’s show. They are then asked about Enzo Amore being assaulted backstage last week.
During commentary, Graves makes a comment that seems to implicate Big Cass as the culprit in the attack on Amore. After returning from a recap of 205 Live’s match between Akira Tozawa and The Brian Kendrick last week, Graves is confronted by Big Cass, who tells Graves he should be careful with what he’s saying. Cass walks off after Graves refuses to accuse him of the attack.
Kalisto vs. Titus O’Neil with Apollo Crews
Kaalisto lands a rapid fire attack of kicks to ground Titus, but when he went for another move off the ropes Titus catches him, rolls him up and holds on to the tights for a victory in very quick fashion.
Winner: Titus O’Neil
Raw Women’s Champ Alexa Bliss Hosts This Is Your Life, Bayley
Bliss calls Bayley “everyone’s favorite sock puppet” as she promos their Kendo Stick On A Pole match at Extreme Rules. Bliss says Bayley would rather hug a kendo stick than hit someone with it. Bliss says she dug deep into Bayley’s past to understand her better.
Bliss then pulls a doll off a table of toys in the ring and says Bayley still plays with it before flipping it out of the ring. She then holds up a trophy that is for “Best In Sportsmanship.” She then picks up Bayley’s school yearbook. The Wicked Witch of the WWE then announces Bayley was voted most likely to apologize.
Bliss then says she wants to introduce people of Bayley’s past, introducing her fourth grade teacher, Mrs. Flapper. She asks about Bayley as a student, and Mrs. Flapper says she was a nice student with perfect attendance who sat in the front row with her father. Mrs. Flapper says Bayley would cry if she was away from her father for long.
Bliss turns to Bayley’s best childhood friend, Tracy Havalina. Tracy says Bayley was taken advantage of her because she did other people’s homework and would take the blame for others. Tracy then says Bayley stopped being her friend because she would rather watch Monday Night Raw or SmackDown than go hang out to the mall. Bliss says that explains why Bayley still dresses as a 12 year old.
The “Godess” then announces Phil Johnson as Bayley’s ex-boyfriend. Bliss asks about their first date and Phil says Bayley took her father everywhere on their dates. He says he thought he was going to have a first kiss with Bayley but when he opened his eyes it was her father was there. Johnson then says he only dated Bayley because he wanted to get close to Tracy. Then Phil and Tracy start making out in the ring.
Bayley’s music pipes up and she charges into the ring. Bliss got in a few kicks right away, but Bayley quickly turns the tables and hits Bliss with a series of punches and clotheslines the champ to the mat. Bayley starts climbing the ropes to try to get the kendo stick suspended over the ring. Bliss stops her, then grabs a kendo stick hidden under the table of toys in the ring and smacks Bayley in the back.
Enzo Ambushed Again
Enzo is knocked cold backstage with paramedics and Big Cass attending to him as we return to break. Big Cass accuses The Revival, but Raw GM Kurt Angle says he saw them leave and that they couldn’t have done it. Cass is insistent it must have been them and tells Angle he has to do something. Angle says he will take care of it as Enzo comes back to consciousness.
Austin Aries & Gentleman Jack Gallagher vs. TJP & King Neville
Aries opens up against TJP as Neville refused to get in the ring. Aries backs TJP into enemy territory and tags in The Gentleman. TJP counters and drives Jack into the opposite corner, tagging in Neville.
Gallagher hits a side headlock takedown, and then quickly tags Aries. Neville flees the ring as we go to break. 
During the break, Neville took over the match with a missile dropkick on Gallagher. He’s got his knee on Jack’s throat as we return from break. Gallagher fought back with two headbutts to Neville’s chest, but he couldn’t reach Double A for the tag.
Neville kicks Gallagher in the head twice before tagging in TJP, who steps on Jack’s throat and dabs at Aries. Jack is then put in a headlock, grounding him to the mat. Gallagher breaks the hold, but then gets a huge knee to the chest. With the referee’s back turned, TJP gouges Jack in the eyes before going back to a headlock.
Gallagher breaks the hold and then both men go down as he hits a headbutt on TJP. Aries and Neville tag in, and each man trades blows. Aries then gets a near fall on a shinbreaker. As Aries tries to go for the discus five arm, TJP trips Aries. Aries flips Neville out of the ring and hits both Neville and TJP on a suicide dive.
Aries whiffs on a top rope missile dropkick. Neville whiffs on the Red Arrow, and Aries gets the King to tap on the Last Chancery.
Winner: Austin Aries & Jack Gallagher by submission
Goldust is back on another Shattered Dreams Production. He says he lost his way but now he’s back in the director’s chair. He says R Truth knew that Goldust was way too big for a supporting role and held him back. He says Golden Truth will reach its “final crescendo” soon. He closes by saying The Golden Age is back.
R Truth counters with his own promo. He quotes Samuel L. Jackson’s line from Pulp Fiction, and says he will strike down upon Goldust with great vengeance and furious anger. He tells Goldust that he’s going to get got.
Seth Rollins vs. Roman Reigns
Rollins got a quick roll up Reigns as the match begins, but Reigns kicks out. Rollins gets another near fall after hitting a standing moonsault with Reigns on the mat.
After whiffing on a series of uppercut, Reigns finally lands a right hand to the chin as he came off the ropes. He then drives The Kingslayer into the crowd barricade before hitting a drive-by kick that drove Rollins into the ring post.
Reigns howls in the corner, but Rollins stops the spear with a knee. He throws Reigns out of the ring as we go to break.
Reigns whips Rollins into the barricade as action resumes. The Roman Empire then slams Rollins into the ring post, sending him to the mat in pain. Reigns continued the assault with a series of clotheslines in the corner before a big boot to the chin.
Reigns starts loading up for the Superman Punch, but Rollins got in a kick to the gut. The Architect follows up with a Slingblade and running forearms with Reigns in a corner. He kept the momentum by dropkicking Reigns out of the ring and then hitting a suicide dive.
Rollins tried a move off the ropes, but Reigns hit a Superman Punch with both of them in mid-air. Rollins kicked out of the pinning predicament. Reigns went for a spear, but Rollins stopped him with a kick before hitting another standing sidekick to the chin. As Rollins went to the top rope, Reigns hit him with a big right hand to the face.
Reigns attempted a Samoan Drop off the top rope, but Rollins slithered out and turned it into a turnbuckle bomb. Reigns rebounded from the collision to hit a Superman Punch as both of them went to the mat.
Both men went out of the ring. Reigns raced around the ring for a spear but Rollins drove his shoulder into the ring steps. The Kingslayer then hit a Blockbuster off the top rope, but Reigns kicked out. Rollins went back to the top rope and hit a Frogsplash, but Reigns kicked out again.
Rollins went to the top rope a third time, but failed to hit the Phoenix Splash. Rollins hit an Enzuigiri, but failed to hit the Jumping Knee strike. Reigns rebounded with a big spear off the ropes to finally put away Rollins.
Winner: Roman Reigns

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