WWE Roster Updates, Ryder Not booked On RAW Again, Triple H's Movie Line

– Following the events that transpired on Monday’s RAW, The Miz and R-Truth’s superstar profiles have been added back to the WWE website’s RAW roster page – while Jim Ross’ profile has been removed.

– Matches taped last night before RAW for this week’s WWE Superstars were Alex Riley vs. Drew McIntyre and JTG vs. Santino Marella. As per the “solidarity rally” storyline, there were no announcers at ringside for the Superstars matches that were taped prior to RAW.

– Zack Ryder was not booked on RAW for the second week in a row now and wrote the following on Twitter regarding the situation:

“Pinned the US Champ @HEELZiggler 2 weeks in a row…& now I’ve been off Raw for 2 weeks in a row. #doesntmakesense”

“At least @LaRosaMendes was booked tonight… #RyderOrRiot”

– Several fans sent in word that Triple H’s line to John Laurinaitis on RAW where he asked, “Have you ever tried to pick up your teeth with broken fingers” came from the 1992 movie The Crying Game.

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