WWE SummerSlam Results 8-26-2007

SummerSlam: Kane vs. Finlay

Kane comes to the ring with ribs taped up.

Finlay makes his way to the ring with shillelagh in hand. Bell rings and Kane comes right at Finlay to start with a right hand, followed by many more.

Kane in charge with a shoulder block and a scoop slam, using only one arm.

Big slap to the face of Finlay and a kick to the back of the head. Kane enraged, choking Finlay over the bottom ropes, and more boots to the face for Kane.

More punches to the face of Finlay and choking him on the rope again. Kane with one big right hand sending Finlay outside now.

Back inside, Kane climbing the ropes and Finlay trips him up, sending him to the outside mat.

Finlay with boots to Kane, and a kick to the gut. Senton drop onto Kane’s injured ribs and a two count for Finlay.

Finlay with a half crab on Kane now, Kane gets to his one free foot and hits an insiguri.

Kane in charge now, big boot to the face of Finlay. Followed by a big clothesline and another in the corner. Sidewalk slam by Kane with one arm. Two count only.

Kane goes airborne and misses a knee drop but gets right back up, charges Finlay, who moves and Kane runs into the turnbuckle. Finlay with another Senton to the ribs and gets only two.

From under the ring comes Hornswoggle, Kane gets up and Hornswoggle scurries away. Kane quickly kicks Finlay and runs out side, bringing in Hornswoggle. Kane slaps a choke on Finlay and cannot get him up for the Chokeslam. Hornswoggle leaves the ring.

Finlay reverses the choke into a DDT. Two count for Finlay. Finlay exposing a turnbuckle now.

Finlay goes for the shillelagh, but Kane clocks Finlay with an uppercut. Finlay rolls outside the ring, Hornswoggle gives him a second shillelagh. Finlay takes it and clocks Kane. Rolls him up and only two.

Kane hits a big Chokeslam and gets three! Your Winner: Kane

SummerSlam: Umaga [c] vs. Mr. Kennedy vs. Carlito [Intercontinental Championship Match]

Kennedy comes to the ring first and does his typical introduction. Carlito comes down next.

Lastly we have Umaga making his way to the ring, belt in hand.

The belt is raised up and Umaga clocks Kennedy to start things off, then he clocks Carlito. Umaga clotheslines Kennedy, then goes right to Carlito.

Both challengers slide outside the ring for a break.

Back inside now and Umaga still in charge, he whips Carlito around and sits him in a corner then goes to charge but Kennedy grabs his foot. Carlito takes advantage and dropkicks Umaga outside the ring. Kennedy works on Umaga with kicks outside, Umaga is seated up against the steel ring steps, and Kennedy hits a running kick. Back inside, Carlito quickly rolls up Kennedy and grabs the ropes, the ref sees and breaks the count.

Springboard elbow by Carlito and a two count. Quick pace thus far. Kennedy hits a reverse Russian Legsweep on Carlito. Umaga yanks Kennedy outside and then slides in himself to work on Carlito.

Kennedy takes a monitor toward the ring and clocks Umaga in the head. Carlito kicks Kennedy off the ring apron and goes for the pin of Umaga, but he kicks out.

Carlito urgently yells to Kennedy that they have to work together on Umaga. They do so, and try a double suplex but cannot lift. Umaga instead double suplexes the two challengers.

Umaga with a flurry of punches and clotheslines on the two. Samoan Drop on Carlito. Swinging side slam on Kennedy. Two count for Umaga, as Carlito breaks it up.

Kennedy hoists up Carlito and hits the rolling Samoan Drop. Umaga breaks it up and hits the Samoan Spike on Kennedy, pinning him for the victory. Your Winner: Umaga

SummerSlam: Rey Mysterio vs. Chavo Guerrero

Chavo introduced first. The crowd starts chanting for Rey. His music hits and he is shot up from the stage.

He walks toward the ring purposefully. He is wearing some odd silver body paint. He goes head to head with Chavo. The bell rings and they two circle.

Rey with a takedown, they lock hands and pull off a series of maneuvers, with Chavo ending up outside the ring. We break and reset.

Chavo goes right to work on Rey’s knee, wrapping it around the rope, the ref breaks. Chavo charges the knee for a dropkick, and dropkicks through the ropes to the outside as Rey moves. Rey then hits a plancha to the outside onto Chavo. Back inside we go.

Rey tries to work on Chavo’s leg now and then hits a hurricanrada. Rey climbs the ropes. Chavo knocks him off and Rey is hung up in a tree of woe. Chavo works on the knee until Rey gets free of the ropes.

Chavo working on the knee now.

Chavo still slowly working the knee and taunting Rey. He applies a single leg lock with a bridge.

Chavo now applies a half crab, and Rey is in a precarious position, but gets to the ropes forcing the hold to be broken.

Rey on the apron now, Chavo climbs the ropes, Rey climbs Chavo and leaps over, taking Chavo down in a tree of woe. Rey tries to work on the knee but the referee pulls Rey off.

Rey springboards into the ring and hits a flying Senton on Chavo, but Rey favors the knee. Rey superkicks Chavo to the face and gets a two count.

Rey hits a spinning DDT, and goes for the pin. But only gets two as Chavo gets his boot on the rope.

Rey climbs the ropes goes for a cross body, misses. Chavo then hits a Gory Bomb and pins Rey. Only two!! Rey kicks out!

Rey takes Chavo down leaving him in position for a 619. Rey swings and Chavo moves as Rey misses the 619. Chavo goes right in to the Three Amigo suplexes. He hits two. Rey then kicks Chavo into position for the 619. Rey runs for the ropes and connects on the 619! Rey pins Chavo. 1..2..3!! Your Winner: Rey Mysterio

SummerSlam: Divas Battle Royal

First Candice Michelle makes her way to the ring to observe. Now we have Maria, Beth Phoenix, Melina, Jillian, Mickie James, Torrie Wilson, Victoria, Kristal, Michelle McCool, Layla, Kelly, and Brooke introduced.

Bell rings and we have all out diva mayhem. Beth tries to toss Maria over, she does so but Maria hangs on. Beth then finishes the job and eliminates Maria.

Layla is then tossed over the ropes and eliminated.

Victoria is eliminated next by Kristal. Kristal is then eliminated by Michelle McCool.

Kelly Kelly is eliminated next.

Torrie eliminates Jillian. Melina eliminates Mickie James.

Melina gets kicked by Michelle McCool and eliminated by her as well.

Beth Phoenix eliminates Torrie Wilson, and now faces off with Michelle McCool. Michelle uppercuts her. Beth hoists up Michelle and dumps her over the ropes to the outside eliminating her and winning the match. Your Winner: Beth Phoenix

MVP now makes his way to the ring with an ice cooler.

He gets on the mic and says that nobody bought a ticket to see the divas, they bought a ticket to see MVP.

MVP says that when he was poor he used to actually drink beer. He says that he no longer consumes beverages suitable to an MVP. He says that he will lower himself to engage in a common man’s activity. He said he will lower himself and engage in a beer drinking contest with Matt Hardy.

MVP and Matt open a beer each. Matt says that with all of the competitions they’ve been having, MVP will win some and Matt will win some, but MVP is wrong about being better than everyone. Matt says he is a common man, a normal guy, and he is proud of it. Matt says that he knows he can out drink MVP, but he’s not even going to try.

Matt Hardy says that recently MVP ducked out on a boxing competition and got a suitable substitute, to stand in for him, Evander Holyfield. Matt then says tonight he has picked a substitute himself, and he is an all time great in beer drinking. The glass shatters and here comes Steve Austin.

Stonecold runs the ropes, and does a few pushups to warm up. Austin gives MVP some beers. MVP prepares to chug and instead stuns MVP and drinks the beers on his own.

SummerSlam: John Morrison [c] vs. C.M. Punk [ ECW Championship Match]

Morrison introduced first, followed by Punk.

Bell rings and we lock up quickly. CM with a double leg takedown and Morrison turns it in to a rear chinlock. Punk turns it into a hip toss and then scoop slams Morrison.

Morrison goes for a pin but no good. Morrison applies a chinlock. Punk to a vertical base, Morrison lands a kick and back to a rear chinlock we go.

Exchange of blows now, Punk hits a rollup and gets a two count. Morrison slingshots Punk to the ropes, who lands and leaps back toward Morrison with a cross body, connects and gets a two count. Punk hits a running knee lift, tries a bulldog, Morrison puts the breaks on, Punk hits an insiguri and a two count for him.

Punk goes for a clothesline, Morrison ducks and hits a backbreaker. Punk now hits a lariat and a Moonsault from the top ropes into a lateral press and a two count for punk.

Morrison straddles the top rope now and Punk leaps off the top and clotheslines him off. Punk inside cradles Morrison and gets a two count. He then follows up with a two count. Morrison planted on the top rope, Punk goes for a hurricanrada and Morrison holds on, sending Punk to the mat. Morrison then pins Punk, gets the feet on the ropes for leverage and scores the pinfall. Your Winner: John Morrison


SummerSlam: Triple H vs. King Booker

King Booker is introduced first.

We have silence for a few moments as we wait the arrival of Triple H. The screen fades to black and the Triple H return promo plays.

Suddenly we hear.. “ARE YOU REAAADYY??” Fireworks hit! The King of Kings beginning, but then we are back to the old “Time to play the game” music Here is Triple H!

Triple H makes I to the ring, and works the crowd on corner ring post.

Bell rings finally and Booker does not waste time and kicks Triple H. Triple H battles back quickly with rights and lefts and clotheslines Booker to the outside.

Booker back inside now, and Triple H kicks him and then throws punches, whips Booker to the corner, Booker elbows him and then gets clotheslined over the top ropes to the outside.

Booker mounts a fallen HHH and pummels him. Hunter in the corner fallen now and Booker picks him up and throws a punch. Hunter now tosses one back and does it again and again and again and then tosses Booker outside of the ring and follows him out.

Inside the ring now and Triple H goes for a Pedigree but Booker gets free. And goes for a Scissors Kick. HHH moves and Booker hits a Book End and gets a two count.

Booker climbs the ropes and tries a front flip legdrop but Triple H moves. He then gives Booker a crotch chop and sets up a Pedigree. Booker gets out goes for a sidekick Triple H ducks and then connects on a Pedigree. 1…2…3..Your Winner: Triple H


SummerSlam: Great Khali [c] vs. Batista [World Heavyweight Championship Match]

Khali introduced first. Batista makes his way to the ring next. They lock up immediately upon the bell ringing. Khali goes to work right away with kicks and punches.

Clothesline by Khali now. Batista battles back trying to clothesline Khali but he does not budge. Khali then hits the big chop to the head, and sends Batista into the corner turnbuckle.

Khali slaps on a choke and then starts clubbing the back of Batista. He applies another nerve hold.

Fans start to chant “BORING.” Batista battles back to a vertical base and jaw jacks Khali, then turns and runs toward Khali. Khali kicks Batista down and a nonchalant cover and a two count. Khali calls for the Vice Grip. Batista blocks it and battles to his feet, spreading apart Khali’s arms, then Spine busts him.

Batista tries a Batista Bomb, but Khali kicks him off. Batista to the ropes and flies. Khali catches him by the throat and hits the Khali bomb. Two count only! Khali is visibly shaken. Singh tosses a steel chair into the ring to Khali. Referee tries to take it away but cannot. He clocks Batista with it and the referee disqualifies him. Your Winner by dq: Batista

After the match Khali went to clock Batista with the chair, but instead gets Speared by Batista. Batista then gets the chair and starts to repeatedly clock Khali with it, and then leaves.

SummerSlam: John Cena [c] vs. Randy Orton [WWE Championship Match]

Orton introduced first.

John Cena, the champion is introduced next.

The belt is raised up and we have a bell. The two circle the ring.

They lock up violently and are moving around the ring locked up. Cena locks in the side headlock and the fans “boo.”

Cena with a side headlock takedown and we are on the mat. More “boos.” Referee starts to count Orton’s shoulders down and only one. We break, and then Orton slaps on a headlock, fans cheer. Orton shoulderblocks Cena down. Then applies a side headlock and a side headlock takeover for Orton now.

Cena shoots Orton to the ropes and drop toe holds him, looking for an STFU, but Orton gets to the ropes. Orton up now and clocks Cena with a big right hand. He now stomps Cena.

Cena off the ropes now and bulldogs Orton and gets a two count. Cena whips Orton again, and telegraphs the back body drop. Orton kicks him in the head and goes for a pin, only gets two.

Cena whips Orton again, but reversed by Orton and Cena goes for a cross body, and Orton ducks. Cena meets the mat face first. Cena rolls outside to the apron and stands up. Orton takes advantage and charges, knocking him off the apron to the announce table.

Orton runs outside to bring Cena back in before he is counted out and covers him for a two count. Orton with a reverse chinlock.

Cena is fading now, but suddenly battles back with a side suplex as a reversal. Both men to their feet, Cena charges Orton in the corner, who ducks and Cena meets the turnbuckle. Orton pins and gets two.

Orton sets up Cena on the mat, temple facing up, and goes for a knee drop but Cena rolls out. Cena pops up, goes to the ropes and gets powerslammed down. Orton back to the reverse chinlock. Cena powers out of the hold, and punches Orton in the gut, and hits the ropes. Orton dropkicks him, and goes for the pin. Only gets two.

Orton applies a Sleeper Hold. Cena tries to back suplex himself out of it but Orton hangs onto the hold and rolls through the suplex, maintaining the hold.

Cena tries to get to a vertical base, and does so with Orton on his back applying the Sleeper. Cena’s face beat red. Cena backs Orton into the ropes and smashes himself free. Cena now with an adrenaline rush hits two shoulder blocks, then a spinning one-arm powerbomb. He calls for the 5-knuckle shuffle, and hits. Cena picks up Orton for an FU, Orton gets out. Cena to the ropes and goes for a clothesline. Orton turns it into an inverted backbreaker.

Orton now sets up Cena with his feet on the middle ropes. Orton has him in a dragon sleeper, and then drops for a DDT. He pins Cena and gets only two.

Orton now stalking a fallen Cena, looking for the RKO. Cena slowly getting to his feet and turns around. Orton goes for it, Cena blocks it, charges Orton who is near the ropes, Orton drops and pulls down the top rope. Cena falls to the outside. Orton picks up Cena and sends him into the steel steps.

Cena looks to be out and limp. Orton rolls him into the ring and pins him…1…2….NO!

Cena now suddenly hits off the ropes and hits a spinning Neckbreaker on Orton. Cena climbs the ropes and Orton catches him and climbs with him, looking to set up a superplex. Cena putting up a defense. Cena not letting him set it up, and he shoves Orton down, and hits a Guillotine legdrop on Orton. Cena sets up an FU near the ropes. Orton hangs onto the top rope and slides over to the ring apron and then jawjacks Cena over the top rope.

Inside the ring goes Orton and he lays in wait, stalking Cena, looking for an RKO. But Orton now gets to his feet instead and now looks to punt Cena in the head.. He charges, Cena moves. Cena drop toe holds Orton and slaps on the STFU.

Orton tries to get to the rope, Cena wrenches it in. Orton gets to the rope!! The hold has to be broken. Cena turns around and walks toward Orton quickly. Orton suddenly hits the RKO and seemingly hurt his knee. Orton crawls over and lays over for a cover and only gets two. He tries for another RKO but Cena pops up and hits an FU, and pins Orton …1…2…3. Your Winner: John Cena


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