WWE Vintage Collection Report (11/16/08)

WWE Vintage Collection Report: 16th November 2008
By Shaun Best-Rajah.com Reporter
Hosted by: Mean Gene Okerlund

Welcome aboard. We continue our lookback at the thanksgiving tradition that is Survivor Series this week, with action from the 1990 and 1991 shows. First we go back to November 22nd, 1990 at the Hartford Civic Center, in Hartford Connecticut for the 1990 portion of the show. Gorilla Monsoon and Rowdy Roddy Piper are on commentary. Speaking of Piper, he’s promised later along with Ric Flair and Legion of Doom. Let’s go.

The Vipers (Jake “The Snake” Roberts, Superfly Jimmy Snuka & The Rockers) vs
The Visionaries (The Model Rick Martel, Warlord & Power & Glory)
In the weeks prior, Martel had blinded Jake with his arrogance canister on the Brother Love Show. To mock Jake’s condition further, Martel dubbed his team the Visionaries. Martel was arguably in the midst of his biggest WWF push and his teammates were along for the ride. Power and Glory had destroyed the Rockers earlier in the year at SummerSlam, to begin their small push. We join this one in progress. Warlord slams Snuka, before missing an elbow. Snuka staggers Warlord with a dropkick. Jannetty escapes Warlord’s bearhug and heads to the second rope. Warlord catches Jannetty coming off with a powerslam to eliminate him. Warlord catches Michaels in mid-air, but following a push from Jake, Michaels manages to escape trouble and counter with a headscissors takedown. Jake staggers Warlord a little before taking him down with a clothesline. Michaels tries a cover but Warlord presses him out of the ring. As Michaels gets back in, Paul Roma drops an elbow across his back. Michaels takes a high bump off a Warlord backbodydrop and a 360 in mid-air from a Hercules clothesline. Piper says Power and Glory could be behind the Rockers as team of the 90s. He must have been fed that line from someone in the back. Martel works over Michaels’ back with the story being he’ll only get in the ring when Jake isn’t in. Michaels does a flip upside down in the corner ala Ric Flair, off of a Roma Irish whip. Michaels dodges a Martel charge and the Model hits the ringpost. Snuka takes it to Martel with chops, an Irish whip, backbodydrop and flying shove. Martel rolls through on Snuka’s blind cross body attempt, hooking the tights to eliminate the Superfly. We cut away as Jake traps Martel in the corner, with the Model managing to escape. We return to see Michaels taking a licking once more. Hercules gives him a clothesline and press slam. Power and Glory finish Michaels with the Power Plex. This was an impressive move. Hercules would deliver a superplex, while Roma, positioned on top of another corner, would propel himself onto the opponent with a splash, as soon as he hit the mat. All alone, Jake stays close to Damian and his corner, trying to get the heels to come to him. The crowd rally behind Jake as he escapes a Warlord bearhug. Jake knocks Power and Glory off the apron which distracts the referee. Jake counters a Warlord slam with the DDT, but there’s no referee to count. Martel goes to spray Jake with his arrogance, but Jake turns his head. Jake unleashes Damian and chases the frightened Martel to the back. Jake gets counted out, but Martel doesn’t, as he’s not the legal man. Power and Glory tend to Warlord who’s still selling the DDT. This was the first time that an entire team had survived. The four advanced to the winners match at the end of the night. Here Are Your Survivors: THE VISIONARIES. While it was a smart move in holding off on Jake and Martel fighting, it’s a shame that the payoff came in a blindfold match at WrestleMania VII. Michaels sold and bumped like crazy here to try and get Power and Glory over. However, they were a flash in the pan and were jobbed out and disbanded within a year. Warlord meanwhile received a thumbs down for a push and jobbed to Davey Boy Smith a lot, over the next year.

In a wrestlecrap moment, we see the hatching of the Gobbledy Gooker. After much hype as to what was in the egg, we see someone dressed up as a chicken do rolls and flips in the ring with Mean Gene. Fortunately, Okerlund sees the funny side as we cut back to him tucking into eggs. He says that nothing tastes better than scrambled Gobbledy Gooker. Okerlund adds that Gooker was easily one of the worst debuts in WWE history, but in his defence says that it would be hard for anyone or anything to live up to the hype and expectations.

Fortunately, Survivor Series 1990 was also famous for a second debut. One that Ted DiBiase had hyped for weeks on TV. That debut was for the Undertaker. We see a quick package noting Undertaker’s undefeated WrestleMania streak and shots of Undertaker in action at Survivor Series 1990. Sadly the said match doesn’t air.

Time to switch gears to 1991. The date is November 28th and we’re at the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit Michigan. Assisting Gorilla Monsoon with the call of the action is Bobby Heenan.

The Natural Disasters & IRS vs Big Boss Man & The Legion of Doom
This match was altered to a three-on-three after Jake Roberts unleashed a snake on Macho Man on Superstars. WWF President Jack Tunney took out both captains. Jake from the heel side and Sid Justice from the face side to balance things out. I think Sid had an arm injury anyway. Stripped of its main heat, the LOD/Disasters and Boss Man/IRS feuds were quite tame in comparison. We pick things up with Animal squaring off with Earthquake. A shoulder tackle doesn’t budge the Natural Disaster. Earthquake catches a cross body attempt, turning it into a backbreaker. Earthquake misses a splash. Animal’s dropkick staggers him into the ropes. Animal ducks a clothesline, taking Earthquake down with a flying shoulder tackle. LOD briefly work over IRS’ arm. Typhoon catches IRS, following a press slam. Hawk drops them both with a dropkick. Animal and Boss Man pound Typhoon in the corner behind the referee’s back. Hawk gets in the wrong corner, but recovers to back suplex IRS. Boss Man hits a running spike to IRS in the ropes. As LOD step outside to confront the Disasters, Typhoon slides IRS his briefcase. Behind the referee’s back, IRS smashes Boss Man in the face with it and pins him. Fresh off a commercial break, Hawk puts Typhoon down with a flying shoulder tackle. IRS comes in and the referee gets tied up with Animal protesting. The heels try the briefcase trick again, but this time IRS nails Typhoon by accident. Hawk pins Typhoon, Earthquake gets livid with IRS, then takes off with his partner and gets counted out. Hawk hammers IRS with a standing dropkick and powerslam. IRS dodges a charge to send Hawk into the ringpost. IRS goes on the attack with elbows, then a throw to the outside and the ringsteps. Back inside, IRS hits a backelbow and applies a chinlock. After a botched collision, Hawk reverses a suplex and tags out. Animal hits a flying shove and powerslam. A double clothesline by LOD and IRS has had enough. He heads to the back until Boss Man makes him reconsider. IRS backs up and gets suplexed back into the ring by Animal. Hawk connects with a top rope clothesline and Animal gets the pinfall. Here Are Your Survivors: THE LEGION OF DOOM. So-so match. Nothing spectacular. LOD got put over and were protected going into their forthcoming Tag Title program with the Natural Disasters.

Ric Flair, Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase, The Mountie & Warlord vs
Rowdy Roddy Piper, Bret “Hitman” Hart, British Bulldog & Virgil
Main event time for today’s show. Before the bout, Okerlund referred to Flair’s WCW title that he brought over with him, as an “imposter belt.” Not a nice way to describe your current World Title Gene. Piper throws his shirt at Flair then spits at the opposition. At the time, Flair and Piper was the top feud. Others were Bret/Mountie, Bulldog/Warlord and DiBiase/Virgil. DiBiase had just regained the Million Dollar belt from Virgil at the Survivor Series showdown, thanks to the debuting Repo Man. Joined in progress, Warlord wants Piper in a test of strength. Piper opts to tag in Bulldog, who’s chomping at the bit. Bulldog floors Warlord with a dropkick. Bulldog Irish whips, but eats boot on a charge. Mountie takes advantage with a flying backelbow. Mountie scurries away when Bret gets tagged in. Bret attacks DiBiase with a backbreaker and elbow from the second rope. Both cancel the other out with simultaneous shoulder tackles. Bulldog comes back at Mountie with a clothesline, backelbow and press slam. Flair interferes, so Bulldog goes after the heels. Bulldog clotheslines both Flair and DiBiase, before sending Warlord away. Bulldog nails Mountie with his running powerslam, but the referee is tied up with the rest of Piper’s team. Flair comes off the top rope with a bad looking axehandle on Bulldog and Flair pins him, despite not being the legal man. Piper goes after everyone but gets beaten down. Flair delivers a snapmare and kneedrop, before taunting Virgil with a ‘Whooo.’ Piper catches Flair in the figure four, which DiBiase breaks up. DiBiase works over Piper’s leg. Piper hooks a cradle for a nearfall. Mountie takes over, trapping Piper in a boston crab. Piper manages to tag Virgil. Virgil attacks Mountie and no-one on the heel side wants to tag in. Flair finally tags in and doesn’t sell Virgil’s offense particularly well. Flair takes his customary backbodydrop bump out of the corner before begging off. Time for the DiBiase/Virgil showdown. DiBiase fails to sucker Virgil in, as Virgil rams DiBiase’s head into the corner ten times. DiBiase turns the tide, catching Virgil with a powerslam off the ropes. Warlord throws Virgil to the outside, where Flair tosses him into the ringsteps. Bret helps Virgil back in. Warlord applies a full nelson. Everyone comes in to brawl. During the commotion, Bret drops Warlord, following a shot to the back from the top rope. Just like the Bulldog elimination earlier, Piper takes the pinfall, despite not being legal, to tie things up. Following a commercial, DiBiase clotheslines Virgil. Virgil counters a backbodydrop with a swinging neckbreaker, before Flair and Piper get tagged in. Piper no-sells Flair’s offense and pokes Flair away. Piper connects with a mounted six punch assault in the corner. Flair tries a running inverted atomic drop, but Piper stands firm and pokes Flair in the eyes once more. Piper rams Flair’s head into the corner eight times. Piper attacks everyone. Cue a mass brawl. Piper catches Flair going up top and brings him crashing down to the mat. A Piper Irish whip sends Flair upside down and outside the ring. The remaining five men brawl inside the ring and the bell suddenly goes. As the action spills outside, Flair gets back in. The official word is the referee DQed everyone that was brawling in the ring, except for the one man on the outside, who happens to be the sole survivor. A screwjob of a finish but nonetheless… Here is Your Survivor: RIC FLAIR. Post match, Piper sends Flair over the top rope and DiBiase through the ropes, as Mountie gets out of dodge. Piper, Bret and Virgil raise their arms to fan adulation.

Okerlund puts over Ric Flair and his victory at the 1992 Royal Rumble before signing off. The Survivor Series throwbacks continue next week. Diggity!

The Main Event produced the best action so I’ll give that the Best Match accolade, even though I hated the cop-out finish. Worst Match was the six man elimination match, which was a bit dull. Thumbs in the middle from me this week, as there were some glaring omissions from both shows. How could anyone show the GobbledyGooker over Hulk Hogan, Undertaker and Ultimate Warrior?

With regards to this year’s PPV, I’m happy that two elimination matches have been added. Looks like my campaigning paid off LOL. Here’s hoping for one or two more. See you next week. Shaun.

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